Airport travel tips I picked up along the way

Travelling is fun but it can be stressful at the same time. It is usually a bit more stressful when you are travelling with kids as you have to pack more stuff. And kids usually hardly ever cooperate or move quickly. I did most of my travel before the kiddies but I have also done some travel with them because I the travel fun outweighs the stress. Travel is one of my favourite things to do. I have visited a couple of cities/countries over the years, which is how I picked up various airport travel tips to help make our adventure less stressful.

Here are some of the tips –


Pack light & weigh before getting to the airport

It can be tricky to pack light especially when you have kids involved. But it is important to only pack what you need to reduce the amount of boxes you take away on holiday. The last thing you would need is to drag boxes with stuff you won’t use or be stuck with excess luggage at the airport. The fear of excess luggage is the beginning of travel wisdom. The fear makes me weigh my boxes before arriving at the airport so I can rearrange the boxes if needed. We have a travel scale we use to weigh boxes and it is usually spot on.


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Hire a taxi to the airport

Hiring a taxi to the airport is the best way to get there without stress. Driving to the airport means you have to load your car yourself. It also means you have pack it yourself at the airport, which can be frustrating if you are running late and unable to find a parking space quickly.

Parking far away from the airport with the hope of catching an airport shuttle is very dangerous. Apart from the stress of packing a car and catching the shuttle, the shuttle may be running late. We experienced this first hand earlier this year when we booked an airport shuttle, the shuttle was over 30 minutes late, and we almost missed our flight. The best way to get to the airport is to go in a taxi.


Label your boxes

Label all your boxes before getting to the airport. Make sure you also mark your boxes so it is easy for you to spot them from far. I mistakenly carried the wrong box some years ago. The box was exactly the same as mine. And the padlock was the same as well (we both use the padlock that came with the box), and I only realised I got the wrong box after getting to the hotel. I bet you can imagine how stressful it was for me. We had to head back to the airport the next day to return box and I got mine later that day as well. It is one mistake that I can’t afford to make again.


Check in at home

We always check in and book our seats 24 hours before our flight. That makes our life easier when we get to the airport as we only have to do a bag drop. Checking in before you get to the airport is even more important when you are getting on a full flight or via a busy airport. Flights to London and other popular destinations are usually busy, so ensure you check in beforehand.


Get to the airport early

Getting to the airport helps as we are not stressed on the travel day. Kids never move quickly so having. few hours to play with works great for us. It also means we can get something to eat if needed and slot in some duty-free shopping as well.


What do you think of these airport travel tips? Do you have any tips of yours to share? Please sound off in the comments section below.

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How to Travel with Children

Travel is what I like to do. I like to explore different countries and cultures. Every trip is adventure, and I always take away a thing or 2 from the experience. I found it a lot easier to just book a trip and go away on holiday before having my kids. But now that I am a mother, I find it a bit tricky to go on holiday. But we still travel as much as we can. The kiddies have been to Düsseldorf, Paris, Milan, Amsterdam, Dubai, Oman, and Ireland. We have 2 trips booked for next month, and we are really looking forward to that.

As a parent, traveling with your kids can be a bit of a hassle. But I have been able to develop a system that has helped make bringing my kids along fruitful and enjoyable for all of us.


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Here are some travel tips for travelling with kids you may find handy.


Plan ahead of time

What made travelling with my kids easier was how I was able to plan everything ahead of time right to the minutest detail. I make sure that the bags are packed at least a day before we’re set to travel and the hotel is booked. I also ensure that our airport taxi is booked. There is nothing more annoying than having to get the right transport from the airport to the hotel, with tired kids. So to avoid tantrums and meltdowns, I make sure our airport transport to the hotel is booked in advance. Blacklane is a great website for airport transfer services. They offer complimentary wait time, all-inclusive rates, professional drivers and free cancellation.


Have a travel check list

Having a travel check list helps because that way, it is almost impossible to forget anything. With the kids on board you need to prepare yourself for every eventuality. Of course, it differs from child to child depending on their ages and special needs, if they have any.

To guide me through my planning I write out checklists of things I need to pack, details I need to double-check and places we should go. It’s extremely satisfying to tick those items off the list when you’re done.


Have a talk with your child

Anytime I take my kids on a trip, I make sure I give them a little pep talk. I don’t believe you should whisk your kids off to a different country without getting them involved in the whole travel experience from the beginning. Especially when they are old enough to kind of understand what is going on.

I tell my kids where we’re traveling, how long we’re staying and how we’ll get to our destination. This keeps them curious as well as excited to participate in making the trip a success. I also try to encourage them to behave themselves.


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Minimise hassles for the kids

Although this article was meant to help minimise hassles at your end, the truth is that you can only achieve this when you minimize the hassles for the kids.

Eliminate the need to stand in queues at the airport by booking online and having your boarding passes printed out beforehand. Kids get restless easily so in order to prevent a scene, you have to try to eliminate the need to wait as much as possible.

Carry a little bag with the kids’ favourite toys, gadgets and books to keep them distracted and have yummy snacks ready in case they get hungry.


Have all the safety measures in place

As much as you want you kids to have fun on their travel, you need to ensure they are all safe. Have tags made with your phone numbers on them just in case of emergencies. Get the number of the person who will take care of your child when you are away and remember to teach your child what they need to do in times of an emergency as well.


How do you travel with your children? Do you have any great tip that works for you?


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