Blog Pitch Gone Wrong

If you blog and are active on social media, you would have heard all about a blogger pitching to a brand, only for the brand to publish her email and their response on social media. This caused a bit of an uproar as different people aired their views. Just to be clear, I think it is so wrong for the business to publish a private email on social media. I also think they must be a very childish bunch running the business, with a response like that. They even had the time to make a video dissing the blogger some more, just because she had the audacity to pitch to them. This is a clear example of when a blog pitch goes wrong.


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I have read the blogger’s pitch and there is nothing wrong with it. She included the name of a top brand she has worked with previously, and I. believe she did that with the good intentions. The blogger just wanted to be taken seriously, so she presented herself in such a manner, with the hope of the business accepting her pitch.

When things like this happen, I think we all as business owners should learn from the experience. It could have happened to anyone of us. Here are 2 lessons I am taking away from this experience –


Research the brand before pitching

If the blogger did a bit of research on the brand, she won’t have bothered to pitch. The company is well-known on social manner for their lack of manners and being very rude. So with a reputation, you won’t be expecting anything different.

I usually do a bit of research before pitching to a brand. I check out the website and social media profiles, so I have a feel of the brand before sending a pitch.


Pitch with care

I am very careful when it comes to sending a pitch. Sometimes, I find that it rubs some business owners the wrong way when they receive a blogger pitch and I am not sure why. It may be because some people are massively jealous of anyone who works from home and appears to be living a life they wish they could have.

To be frank, I have reduced the number of pitches I send out now. Majority of my work finds me and I usually pitch to brands I have worked with before or who have shown some kind of interest in my work.

So pitching to brands with care is a safe way to go. Sending pitches to any business you come across without doing a bit of research and checking to see if they work with bloggers, and will be interested in your blog may lead to issues like what we had the other day.


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Another fact that I have taken from the experience is that many people don’t understand the blogging industry and how we work. They think we just write on the internet for the kick of it. They don’t understand the amount of time and money so of us spend on our blogs. Many of us blog full-time. For many, their blog is their only source of income. So they treat it as they should treat any other business.

Many brands understand the value of working with influencers. Some have no clue and that is completely fine. We as bloggers just need to be able to see through brands before we pitch so we don’t our time.

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