Beauty Muse – Toni Braxton

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I grew up listening to the sultry voice of this beauty muse – Toni Braxton. I could sing along to all of her songs back then, and I can still do now. Some of my favourites are – Unbreak my heart, Breathe again, Spanish guitar and Another sad love song. Looking back at these hits, I wonder where it all went wrong with Toni. She was a talented artiste, and was so big back in the 90s, but everything went down south, along the way. I miss the old Toni Braxton, but this post is not about her failed career, it is a post celebrating her beauty.




I am a huge fan of Toni and I admire her beauty so much. I think she is a natural. I love her beautiful skin tone, and she looks the type that would look amazing with no makeup and a bad hair day. I want to look like her when I grow up! Who would think this beauty is 48 years old? She could easily pass for a 30-year-old!


Toni Braxton Image


The one thing I really liked about Toni Braxton was the pixie haircut. No one has been able to get that exact look in my eyes. The pixie looked amazing on her back in the day, and I kind of miss that look. To tell you how much I loved her pixie cut, I had one when I was 13 years. I took my hair down as low as hers then. Now that I think back, I wonder what I was thinking, lol..

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For the record, the pixie didn’t look that good on me. I am still not sure what I was thinking having a pixie but I did for a year or so. Guess it was my teenage hormones, the fact that I couldn’t be bothered with my hair, and Toni had a hand in it as well..

Are you or were you ever a fan of Toni Braxton? Do you think she is a beauty muse?


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