A Honda Civic Car

If you have been reading Fashion and Style Police for a while, you would know all about my love for sleek, stylish cars. The Honda Civic is one of them. You would also know about my journey to passing my driving test. I am still in the process of getting that sorted. However, I plan to have that done and dusted before the end of next year.

Why that long I hear you ask? Well, I have wasted thousands of pounds in the last 6 years, taking driving lessons on and off, passing a theory test and having it expire 2 years after, and failing the practical driving test. With all that money down the drain, I am no longer in the position to waste anymore money. So I have to wait until the time is right, and the wallet is ready.



Honda Car Image



While I am waiting, I have been keeping myself motivated by dreaming of the perfect car for me. I would like a very beautiful car with a sleek interior. Getting a car before I start my driving lessons is what I am working towards. Having the car of my dreams (or close to it) would keep me motivated. I currently have my eye on a few Honda cars, and the Honda Civic is at the top of the list.

Honda describes the new Honda Civic as a car that’s made to impress, and I agree! The stylish sleek design is so stylish, and I like the size. It would be perfect for my lifestyle. I also like the sound of the Honda Civic’s dashboard. The ability to link up to Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto™ sounds cool! This dashboard would enable me play my favourite tunes on the go, which I am sure would make a great driving experience.

Picturing myself driving this beauty feels great! I have been reading the Honda Civic Handbook on Vertu Motors’ website, and I loving the features of the new model.


Honda Car Image



I know some people may disagree with the idea of a sleek car being a motivating factor when it comes to passing a test. However, I know I will be more determined to pass my driving tests if I have my dream car parked in front of my house. I guess it is the way I am wired.

Also, I would be able to take more driving lessons in my spare time, and with my own car. Which I hope would quicken the whole process.

What do you think? Are you a fan of the Honda Civic car? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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What Would you do with a Self Driving Car

As some of you may know by now, I am yet to pass my UK driving test. I have been learning to drive on and off for over 6 years now, and it has been an exhausting experience. I had to move from learning to drive a Manuel car to an Automatic car, but still no joy.

I gave up on it some years ago, but I am ready to start my driving lessons and pass my driving theory and practical tests quickly, so I can get the car of my dreams. This Transport of the Future Around the World infographic by Aceparts below has left me wishing I didn’t have to take a driving test to drive a car legally. Just stop and imagine that for a second. Everyone being able to drive once you are of age, and the car literally driving itself. That would be so cool!


Transport of the future around the world picture


I have been following The Lutz Pathfinder project closely and I am really looking forward to seeing it on the roads. For someone who has struggled to pass her driving test for so many years, having a car drive itself would be the best thing ever! I just hope it comes in a great size for car seats, buggies, bags and the rest. The current size I see looks way too small for busy families like ours, but I guess the development team is still testing the waters with this LUTZ pods.

For those who have never heard of these self-driving car development; The Lutz Pathfinder Project, which began developing autonomous technology in 2014, is all about having cars drive automatically without a driver controlling the car. It is the most highly anticipated technology and I can’t to see what these cars can do.

I know what I would if I had a self driving car.

  1. I would be able to drive everywhere I need to, which would be amazing.
  2. I would be able to apply my makeup on the go, which would mean I would never be late anywhere again.
  3. I would be able to go out more, and see more of my city, which would be fun.
  4. I would be able to save my money and time from learning to drive, which would be great.




Do you like driving? What would you do if you had a self-driving car? Would you miss driving a car too much? Please share your thoughts below in the comments section.

Thanks for reading and commenting as always. Have a lovely weekend.


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My Dream Car

I am currently in the process of sorting out my driving license. I have been on this driving lesson fiasco for a very long time now, and I am looking forward to sorting it out for good.

I have had many driving lessons, passed my theory tesr, taken a practical driving test whilst heavily pregnant. Failed the test, and now I have to re-take my theory test (it is over 2 years), which means I have to start the whole process again. I am so sick and tired of the all process, I am eager to be done with it, so I can get my dream car.

Recently, I have been thinking a lot of what sort of car I would love to get for once I pass my test. Maybe it’s s because I recently came across this Cars of the 1980s Film and TV infographic by Vertu Lease Cars. I have been day dreaming of my dream car ever since.


Cars Image


There are many cars I would like to get, but 1 in particular has topped the list for years now, and that is a Mini Cooper. The car from The Simpsons, Homer’s Sedan, kind of reminds me of a good old Mini Cooper. I like my car to be efficient, compact but big enough, and stylish. A Mini Cooper ticks all these boxes and more. I think it is a super sleek car that would exceed all my expectations!


Mini Cooper Picture



The Simpson’s family Sedan car in The Simpsons TV show reminds me of a Mini Cooper every time I see it. I guess the front of car is quite similar to that of a Mini Cooper, or maybe I have just watched too many episodes of The Simpsons. The show is so addictve, I used to be a huge fan of it back in the day.

What is your dream car? Are you driving it? Are you a fan of a Mini Cooper or Homer’s pink Sedan car? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below, let’s get talking.


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