How to Find the Right Car for You

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Whether you’re buying a car for the first time, or finally trading in a vehicle you’ve been trundling around in for years on end, the car-buying process can be a little bit intimidating. It’s the most major purchase many of us make in our lifetimes (with the exception of your house), and there’s extra pressure to make the right call.

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What do you need?

Before making any purchase of this sort, it’s vital to take stock of just what you’re after. Are you going to be frequently carrying passengers? What kind of surfaces are you going to be driving on? Will you be performing short urban commutes, or travelling great distances over motorways? Do you have a boat or a caravan that needs towing?

The answers to all of these questions will exert a massive influence on your ultimate choice of vehicle. But if you’re going to be driving this new car frequently, it’s also worth considering the driving experience – if a car is a pain to drive, then you’ll probably come to resent it.

What can you afford?

Having an idea of your budget at the outset will help to prevent you from entering into a burdensome agreement. You don’t want to be crippled by debt repayments for months on end, after all. If you’re in a comfortable financial position, then you might elect to pay for the entire vehicle outright. This will end up cheaper in the long term, as you won’t have to worry about interest. For everyone else, financing makes a sound investment. As a general rule, you’ll want to restrict the amount your spend on your car to around 20% of your overall outgoings, and ideally less than that.

Your financial circumstances will influence your decision; if you’re working a zero-hours contract, or you’re self-employed, then you might prefer the financial security that comes with lower payments.

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Shopping around

If you’re based in Belfast and you’re in the market for a Rav4, then looking at every Toyota dealer Northern Ireland has to offer might be impractical. Still, it’s worth examining your options and looking to see what kind of aftercare is offered at each dealership.

To lease or to buy

Leasing a car provides many advantages over buying one. To begin with, you’ll be driving a more expensive car than you otherwise would. Moreover, you’ll be able to easily upgrade every few years without the hassle of a trade-in. However, you’ll tend to spend less money overall if you opt to buy, and you’ll have the luxury of being able to modify it to suit your particular tastes.


A Honda Civic Car

If you have been reading Fashion and Style Police for a while, you would know all about my love for sleek, stylish cars. The Honda Civic is one of them. You would also know about my journey to passing my driving test. I am still in the process of getting that sorted. However, I plan to have that done and dusted before the end of next year.

Why that long I hear you ask? Well, I have wasted thousands of pounds in the last 6 years, taking driving lessons on and off, passing a theory test and having it expire 2 years after, and failing the practical driving test. With all that money down the drain, I am no longer in the position to waste anymore money. So I have to wait until the time is right, and the wallet is ready.



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While I am waiting, I have been keeping myself motivated by dreaming of the perfect car for me. I would like a very beautiful car with a sleek interior. Getting a car before I start my driving lessons is what I am working towards. Having the car of my dreams (or close to it) would keep me motivated. I currently have my eye on a few Honda cars, and the Honda Civic is at the top of the list.

Honda describes the new Honda Civic as a car that’s made to impress, and I agree! The stylish sleek design is so stylish, and I like the size. It would be perfect for my lifestyle. I also like the sound of the Honda Civic’s dashboard. The ability to link up to Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto™ sounds cool! This dashboard would enable me play my favourite tunes on the go, which I am sure would make a great driving experience.

Picturing myself driving this beauty feels great! I have been reading the Honda Civic Handbook on Vertu Motors’ website, and I loving the features of the new model.


Honda Car Image



I know some people may disagree with the idea of a sleek car being a motivating factor when it comes to passing a test. However, I know I will be more determined to pass my driving tests if I have my dream car parked in front of my house. I guess it is the way I am wired.

Also, I would be able to take more driving lessons in my spare time, and with my own car. Which I hope would quicken the whole process.

What do you think? Are you a fan of the Honda Civic car? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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What Would you do with a Self Driving Car

As some of you may know by now, I am yet to pass my UK driving test. I have been learning to drive on and off for over 6 years now, and it has been an exhausting experience. I had to move from learning to drive a Manuel car to an Automatic car, but still no joy.

I gave up on it some years ago, but I am ready to start my driving lessons and pass my driving theory and practical tests quickly, so I can get the car of my dreams. This Transport of the Future Around the World infographic by Aceparts below has left me wishing I didn’t have to take a driving test to drive a car legally. Just stop and imagine that for a second. Everyone being able to drive once you are of age, and the car literally driving itself. That would be so cool!


Transport of the future around the world picture


I have been following The Lutz Pathfinder project closely and I am really looking forward to seeing it on the roads. For someone who has struggled to pass her driving test for so many years, having a car drive itself would be the best thing ever! I just hope it comes in a great size for car seats, buggies, bags and the rest. The current size I see looks way too small for busy families like ours, but I guess the development team is still testing the waters with this LUTZ pods.

For those who have never heard of these self-driving car development; The Lutz Pathfinder Project, which began developing autonomous technology in 2014, is all about having cars drive automatically without a driver controlling the car. It is the most highly anticipated technology and I can’t to see what these cars can do.

I know what I would if I had a self driving car.

  1. I would be able to drive everywhere I need to, which would be amazing.
  2. I would be able to apply my makeup on the go, which would mean I would never be late anywhere again.
  3. I would be able to go out more, and see more of my city, which would be fun.
  4. I would be able to save my money and time from learning to drive, which would be great.




Do you like driving? What would you do if you had a self-driving car? Would you miss driving a car too much? Please share your thoughts below in the comments section.

Thanks for reading and commenting as always. Have a lovely weekend.


*Collaborative post.

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