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I am currently in the process of sorting out my driving license. I have been on this driving lesson fiasco for a very long time now, and I am looking forward to sorting it out for good.

I have had many driving lessons, passed my theory tesr, taken a practical driving test whilst heavily pregnant. Failed the test, and now I have to re-take my theory test (it is over 2 years), which means I have to start the whole process again. I am so sick and tired of the all process, I am eager to be done with it, so I can get my dream car.

Recently, I have been thinking a lot of what sort of car I would love to get for once I pass my test. Maybe it’sΒ s because I recently came across this Cars of the 1980s Film and TV infographic by Vertu Lease Cars. I have been day dreaming of my dream car ever since.


Cars Image


There are many cars I would like to get, but 1 in particular has topped the list for years now, and that is a Mini Cooper. The car from The Simpsons, Homer’s Sedan, kind of reminds me of a good old Mini Cooper. I like my car to be efficient, compact but big enough, and stylish. A Mini Cooper ticks all these boxes and more. I think it is a super sleek car that would exceed all my expectations!


Mini Cooper Picture



The Simpson’s family Sedan car in The SimpsonsΒ TV show reminds me of a Mini Cooper every time I see it. I guess the front of car is quite similar to that of a Mini Cooper, or maybe I have just watched too many episodes of The Simpsons. The show is so addictve, I used to be a huge fan of it back in the day.

What is your dream car? Are you driving it? Are you a fan of a Mini Cooper or Homer’s pink Sedan car? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below, let’s get talking.


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  1. I love this! haha. I agree with you on what to look for in a car. However, my dream car is Hummer H3. I guess you could say that it’s not really all that of a fancy car and it’s not really a money saver for gas but I would love to have it. This inspired me to make a post! This was great!

  2. The Mini Cooper is rather nice. They are great fun to drive. Being so low to the road they stick to it like glue.

    I think of all the cars there it’d have to be the Mystery Machine. As long as Scrooby came with it. πŸ˜†

  3. Too funny! For me, it is a toss up between the Scooby Doo van and the pink Sedan! I don’t have a thing for cars and have never had a dream one – if it gets me from A to B and isn’t too big to park, I am happy! Good luck with your test!

  4. Brilliant look at cars of the past, feeling nostalgic now! I like Minis but we have a Galaxy so we can all fit in!

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  7. Get that Mini! I have the Countryman All4 S. With 100k miles on it it’s more responsive than any new car I’ve driven. The fuel economy is great and the All4β„’ All wheel drive conquers difficult road conditions. The β€œS” is fun too! 😘

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