What to Wear on a First Date

I am happy to be off the dating market. I have been off for almost 10 years now and its been brilliant. I was not a huge fan of the whole dating “thingy”, I have never been a fan of anything new, and the dating world is all about “The New”, it felt so exhausting most of the time.

I am sure many women and men would agree with me on how draining the whole dating stuff is, but date we must! After all, love is a BEAUTIFUL thing.


Love Image

Thanks to technology, dating is a lot easier now in 2017 than it was 10 years ago. Majority of the dating websites we have now were not available in my dating years. The most we had back then was social media – Facebook/Hi5, and those were still in the developing phases. Who remembers Hi5 by the way? Does anyone still go on it?

I am happy to see how much the online dating industry has evolved. It is super easy to meet someone you are compatible with online now thanks to the many dating websites available. But having a date is one thing, and what to wear on a date is another. Many women usually struggle with what to wear on a first date. They usually don’t want to show too much skin and send the wrong messages or come across as too keen, but they want to look attractive at the same time.

I have featured a couple of outfits I think would be great outfit ideas for a first date. Here are three ideas  –

A Sparkly Look

Occasion Wear Image copy


This is a great outfit idea for a dinner sort of first date.It is a stylish/dressy look and just shows the right amount of skin for a summer evening. Do you agree?


A  Relaxed Look

Spring Style Image


For a relaxed first date at the cinema or lunch in a restaurant, this outfit would be fit the part. It is stylish but not over the top. I think it would be an excellent choice for a first date in a relaxed location.


A Casual Look

Spring Outfit Image


This outfit would be a fantastic choice for casual/day-time date. It would suit a lunch date or any chilled location.


Can you remember what you had on for any of your first dates? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below. I love reading them.

Thanks for reading as always. Have a lovely day.



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  1. I love your dress in the casual look. It’s so cute. I have been ‘off the market’ for years now, but I still love to dress up for dates out with my partner. I definitely need to have a ‘sparkly’ date soon. I miss wearing beautiful dresses and heels. x

  2. I think you have to dress to be comfortable but also suitable for your setting. I did internet dating 3 years ago (and met my wonderful partner Chris!) and wore a nice top, jeans and heels to pubs on a first date.

  3. Great post. I would always say jeans and boots/heels. The jeans keep it casual but the shoes show you’re making an effort. Never too much make up, sometimes we think we look better but generally guys want to see who they may one day be waking up next to.

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