Fashion Criminal: Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga is one creative woman I admire. Her voice is so out of this world and I love most of her songs but her fashion sense and personal style is a No-No. Lady Gaga dresses up like a woman in her 40s, I always have to remind myself that she is only 29 years old. This Fashion Criminal goes for extreme, crazy pieces and accessories; and she looks hideous in them.Herself and my previous Fashion Criminal; Charly Boy have one thing in common, they are both so WEIRD.


I think Lady Gaga dresses CRAZY deliberately, just to stand out but she can stand out and look impeccable.  Just look at the likes of Solange, Kate Moss, Janelle Monae and other stylish celebrities. These ladies stand out from the pack for their fabulous signature styles. Lady Gaga can be her crazy self but still look good. She can have a crazy personality but still NORMAL.


Lady Gaga’s fashion sense makes her appear a lot older than her age, she needs to tone the crazy outfits and dress up in youthful, stylish pieces and accessories that will complement her body shape and natural colouring. I will like to see her in normal outfits like what she has on in the first picture above. That is the sanest outfit I have seen Lady Gaga in.



The Fashion Criminal – Charly Boy

Charly Boy is a Nigerian entertainer and he is the Fashion Criminal of the week. You only need to look at his picture below to find out why.

charly boy 2

If you know Charly Boy, then you will know this man is so WEIRD. Everything about him is very odd and so WEIRD, especially his dress sense. This 63-year-old entertainer has been active in the Nigerian entertainment industry since I was a kid and I can boldly say he needs an urgent MAKE-UNDER. Charly Boy goes for bright, loud pieces and accessories, and he over accessorizes every time. The fashion rule is when you wear a loud piece, everything else has to be understated, our fashion criminal has broken this rule so many times.




Charly Boy’s fashion sense does not suit his age. He looks very good for his age but the fact remains, he is 63 years old and I can’t take him seriously going about dressed like a teenage boy trying to discover himself. He can look edgy and stylish at the same time. Edgy and stylish will mean getting rid of the unnecessary accessories and the crazy shoes and boots (in a very warm country) and going for stylish and modern accessories. I understand looking simple is not for everyone, but there is a very thin line between looking edgy and looking crazy, and I strongly believe Charly Boy can pull this look off.


What do you think of his style? Do tell……

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