5 Disneyland Paris Tips

We visited Disneyland Paris a few years ago. It was a fun trip. We had the lovely opportunity of exploring the entire park in 2 days and I am seriously looking forward to taking the kids. The kiddies have visited Paris a few times but we have not had the opportunity to take them to Disney. I have been thinking of doing just that and I am hoping we can visit as a family this year.

Disneyland Paris is a dream vacation destination for many families. There is a lot to see and enjoy, and kids love it. I remember watching the parade at night and seeing how excited the kids were. We even had a child next to us, crying in awe as she saw one of her favourite character, I think the character was Minnie Mouse.


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Disneyland Paris Tips

If you have plans of visiting the beautiful park, you may find these tips very useful –


Wear comfy shoes

The best shoes to wear to Disneyland Paris are very comfy shoes. I go for flat shoes but not flats. So comfy trainers would work great. There is plenty of walking involved so heels are a no-no if you want to have an amazing time and not focus on uncomfortable shoes that make you want to comfy bare feet.


Go with a crossbody bag or a backpack and camera

The last thing you want to deal with a heavy bag while exploring Disneyland. I prefer to go with a crossbody bag to keep all my valuables. A backpack would work if you are going with younger kids and need to take essentials with you like nappies and change of clothes. Also good to go with a camera if you have one. So you can capture all the amazing memories.


Bring a push chair with you

If you have younger kids, make sure you come with a push chair. Exploring the park can be tiring for young kids, so have a push chair to ferry them around when they get tired is smart. There are push chairs available to hire but they are usually pricey and very basic, so do come with yours if possible and a bike lock.


Take your time

We couldn’t see the whole park in a day. It took us 2 full days to explore the entire park and those days were very long. I would recommend 3 days to explore the whole park and all the fun it brings, especially if you are going with younger kids. You don’t want to rush the experience so best to make the time and enjoy the fun.


Bring snacks

The last thing you need is dealing with “hangry” (hungry + angry) toddlers. So make sure you have your children’s favourite snacks at the ready. Also take snacks for yourself if you can as food and drinks can be pricey in the park.


Have you visited Disneyland Paris before? Please share your tried and tested tips in the comments section below.

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My Disneyland Paris Experience

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Have you ever visited a Disney theme park? I have. I visited the amazing Disneyland Paris a while ago, and it was an unforgettable experience. The experience has made me believe in the magic of Disney!

To be honest, I was a bit hesitant at first because it was quite pricey to get into, and we didn’t go with kids, and I thought Disney theme parks were only meant for groups with kids. I couldn’t think of what adults could be doing while the kids were having fun, but I am glad to say that is so far from the truth. Everyone can have fun in at a Disney theme park. I was like a kid in a candy store! There is something for everyone, and I saw many other groups without kids too.

I can’t wait to take the kids back to Disneyland Paris. I am sure they would love it. Mickey and Minnie Mouse are their favourite characters, so I am can clearly see they jumping and screaming for joy.

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I know many families are sometimes a bit confused as to which Disney park to visit. Speaking from my experience, the Disneyland Paris exceeding every expectation. I had an amazing weekend exploring the entire park and I made sure I got on as many rides as I could.

As wonderful as the park is, it does come with a slightly heavy price tag as you can imagine. So if you are looking to save, look up My Voucher Codes for cool deals.

I know I will be visiting the park again with the family regardless of how expensive it will be. I think it is an amazing experience worth every penny. I also want to visit Disney World Florida. I have heard so many cool things about it. I hear it is a lot bigger than the park in Paris, so I would want to see it for myself. It is quite a distance, so maybe when the kids are a bit older.

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If you are unsure of which Disney theme park to visit, as there are quite a few now, with a new one opened last month in Pudong, Shanghia, China, have a look at this Flux Magazine infographic. It illustrates the facts of each Disney theme park, so all answers to any question you may have should be on there.


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Have you been to Disneyland Paris or any Disney theme park? What are your thoughts?

Drop me a comment, lets chat.

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