Fashion Criminal – Perez Hilton

Mario Armando Lavandeira, Jr. aka Perez Hilton is the Fashion Criminal of the week. Whoop Whoop.


For those who do not know, Perez Hilton is a multi millionaire American blogger, TV personality and columnist. He appeared on Celebrity Big Brother UK in 2015 and today he is our Fashion Criminal. I really do not understand people who do not lack in the finance department and yet cannot dress decently. I am not saying they should go all out and splash millions on clothes and shoes, but they should look decent at the least.

Just look at our previous Fashion Criminal here, Himself and Perez are birds of a feather.


What I like about Perez Hilton is his attitude, he is funny and fearless and I like that about him. I also adore his writing voice and his blog is where I go to for the latest Hollywood gossip. I actually found him hilarious in Celebrity Big Brother, but I think I am in the minority with that one. That said, this man needs some styling help ASAP. He goes about looking like a clown with all the colours and pieces he wears. It is not acceptable for you to leave your house dressed like this Perez. It is bang out-of-order.


Perez Hilton needs to get rid of these colourful and crazy pieces and accessories. He is not in a comedy show. He can look stylishly funny (if that is what he wants) and SANE at the same time.


Funny enough, I know many REAL stylish comedy actors that clean up well and look sharp.  Check out two examples below:

Chris Rock


Russell Brand


So Perez Hilton has no excuse going about, wearing all his leopard prints  at the same time.


What are your thoughts? Do you agree? Sound off in the comment section pls.


Fendi Tortoise Rectangular Sunglasses

This gorgeous Fendi Tortoise rectangular sunglasses is the eye candy for the week. It is exclusively sold at Selfridges for £210.


Here is what Selfridges had to say about it:

Give your summer repertoire a contemporary finish with these sunglasses from Fendi. Featuring a classic tortoiseshell frame with a contemporary blue tint, the unusual shape will work as a focal point to your favourite summer ensemble.

I love this beauty. It is a summer must-have.


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