Beauty Muse: Sophie Okonedo

Sophie Okonedo has always been on my radar ever since I heard her name, her father is a Nigerian, and I am originally from Nigeria, so her name caught my attention. I am in awe of this beauty muse. Sophie Okonedo is a black, beautiful, and smart woman, and it is so rare to describe a woman like this these days. Say hello to a beauty with brains.

Sophie Okonedo Beauty Muse


Sophie Okonedo is a woman that keeps you guessing. She is 47 years old, and has achieved a lot in her life already. She is a very successful actress, currently has the lead role in the BBC TV series – Undercover. Do you watch it? The first season ends next week, and I am looking forward to the next season starting already. It is a great series to watch.

Sophie has received an OBE in 2010 Queens Birthday Honours. She has appeared in many movies and TV series like Hotel Rwanda, which she received an Oscar nomination for, Criminal Justice, The Secret Life of Bees, Skin, amongst many others. This beauty muse is currently at the peak of her acting career.

Sophie Okonedo Picture

Sophie Okonedo Image

Sophie Okonedo also has her beauty game on. She looks nothing like her age and has had no help done, so no plastic surgery or enhancement whatsoever, and she looks amazing. She is one of those few women that I can confidently say is ageing gracefully. I think she looks better with age.

I admire Sophie’s natural kinky hair, and her golden flawless skin. She is the definition of exotic beauty; her confidence and carriage is impossible to resist. I would love to take a peep into her beauty and skin care routine, just to have an idea of how she maintains her look. However I do know a few things about her beauty routine; she has regular facials and would be lost without a spot cream and a mosituriser, and the beauty tip she dishes out freely is – ‘give up smoking’.


So there you have it.What do you think of Sophie Okonedo as a beauty muse? Sound off in the comment section, thanks for reading.



Team Natural vs Team Non – Natural

Lately, there has been so much tension among women of colour over their hair choices. There is a group that says no to relaxers and rather rock their natural fro, there is a group that says no to weaves but yes to relaxers and wigs, there is a team that says yes to relaxers, wigs, weaves and all.  These differences in hair choices have divided the black women community so bad, some women have resulted to stalking and bullying anyone who doesn’t agree with their personal hair choices. I find this whole hair drama bizarre, like it should not even be an issue.



Team natural vs Team non natural

For me personally, I don’t see anything wrong with any of these choices. I believe every woman should be free to decide how she will like to wear her hair. I am a team non-natural all the way and I have always been. I love my Dr Miracle relaxer, my lace wigs and brazillian hair and the likes too much to go natural. Every black woman should be free to decide on how she wants to manage her hair and I don’t understand where the tension comes from. I know there is a lot of competition among the black women folk and everyone wants to be seen as doing the ‘right’ thing but the beef is all unnecessary in my opinion. I love seeing natural fros on women. I love the kinky look especially on little girls. I also love beautiful wigs and weaves and I just prefer them to natural fros…….

Why the tension?

Can’t we all agree to disagree on this? At the end of the day it is still just HAIR and what we should be striving as black women to achieve is having healthy hair. We are not our HAIR, our hair does not make us who we are. It is just an extension of ourselves. Let us stop defining ourselves by how we choose to wear our hair.

What do you think of the whole team natural vs team non-natural drama?


*Collaborative post.

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