12 Fitness Gifts for Exercise Lovers to Keep Them Motivated All Year

If you know a person who loves to work out and remain fit, you should also know the right gifts to buy for him or her. Finding the right fitness gifts for a friend or family member is important if you want the person to know that you care. Here are some gift ideas for your exercise-loving friend:


Apple Watch

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Every fitness buff needs to own an Apple watch to track everything from calories burned to heart rate and steps. Moreover, if the person likes working out to music, she can play her favorite tunes from the Apple Watch.


Other than sports, it also allows your friend to leave her phone at home and receive calls and messages on the watch. Before buying this gift, you should check to see whether your friend already has an Apple Watch to avoid buying her the same thing.


Yoga Mat

A soft and gripping yoga mat is every fitness lover’s dream. Opt for a yoga mat that has a thick fabric top layer, which supports the knees and elbows properly. If possible, you should choose a yoga mat that has the ability to roll itself up into place after you finish exercising. Although not all exercise lovers practice yoga, you should consider buying your friend a yoga mat.


Personalized Jersey

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You should order a personalized jersey for your friend depending on the sport that he loves. For instance, if he loves softball, you should make personalized softball jerseys. You just need to figure out where to order mens softball jerseys to make sure that you end up with the best one.

When ordering a personalized jersey, you need to spell out the details carefully. To do this, you have to know your friend well: what would he want written on his jersey? If he would prefer to have his name only on the jersey, you should give the company his name.


Personalized Water Bottle

If you want your friend to appreciate your gift more, you should go for a personalized gift. Because most fitness buffs need to remain hydrated, personalizing a water bottle is the best thing you can do. You can either buy a personalized bottle from the supermarket or buy a plain bottle and personalize it for yourself.

You can personalize the bottle with stick-on vinyl lettering that displays a motivational message. For instance, you can use the phrase “drink up” or “good job”. Whatever message you choose to display, make sure that it resonates with the person for whom you are getting the gift.


Polka Dot Yoga Pants

You can buy a pair of plain yoga pants and spice them up by using a bleach pen to create a pattern. You should wait for the bleach to settle in before you add some pop of color to the pants. Although this gift might seem cheap, the thought and effort will count for something. Just make sure that you choose a pair of yoga pants that will fit your friend.


DIY Workout Gear Cleaner

Keeping weights, sportswear, and yoga mats clean is not easy, especially if the gym lover does not have much time to spare. To help your friend to remain clean, you should make a DIY gear cleaner that will make it easier to keep her things clean. You just have to combine a few ingredients into a spritzer to make it easier to keep gym gear fresh.


Locking Shoelaces

The best gift that you can get for your gym-loving friend is a pair of locking shoelaces that will allow her to work out without any interruption or accidents. Gifting this will make you look like a good friend because you care about your friend’s safety. To create locking shoelaces, you only have to attach cord locks to some thick elastic laces.

You should then cap off the ends of the cord with scotch tape as well as Washi tape to add a touch of color. This gift is simple and affordable but it shows that you care.


Water Bottle Gripping Band

You can make a bottle grip by trimming the inside of a beer koozie then adding an easy handle grip. This gift will make it easier to grip onto a bottle after the hand gets sweaty. Instead of giving this gift by itself, you should package it with some headbands and journals. Making your friend a water bottle grip band is the best way to encourage her to remain hydrated during her workout.


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Whether you love going to the gym or have a friend that you want to support, the above presents will encourage a motivated life of working out. As a surprise, you can pair your present with a plan to train together in future. This will allow you to combine the gift with a great experience.


What do you think of these gift ideas?


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Product Review: activbod

Activbod Image


Hey peeps. Hope you are all having a relaxing weekend. I have a product review post for you to read and I hope you find it informative.

I received a pack of activbod products some weeks ago, and I have finally got around to using all three products – Mind over Matter Balm, Cooling Finish Lotion and Feel Great Shower Concentrate. This is Britain’s first range of skin care products designed for the active lifestyle, so if you have active lifestyle, these products are designed just for you.


activbod Mind over Matter Balm

Our best-selling motivating balm uses the power of essential oils to help focus the mind and give you that kick-start we all need sometimes!

We all need that kick-start every now and again and this portable aroma balm offers just that. Focus the mind and get into the zone with a stimulating blend of rosemary, peppermint and bergamot essential oils. Peppermint also helps clear the respiratory tract for the perfect pre-exercise pick-me-up. Quick and easy to use, no spillage or product on your hands.

Apply to clean skin as desired over pulse points – wrist, temples and neck. 


Mind Over Matter Balm Image



  1. As soon as I applied this balm on my wrists, temples and neck, I felt energised.
  2. Peppermint is a great pick me up fragrance.
  3. It is quite affordable at £7 a pack.


  1. None.


activbod Cooling Fresh Lotion

Cool down and replenish skin moisture levels with our post workout cool down body moisturiser containing menthol which delivers an enjoyable cooling sensation to the skin.

This winning concentrated shower gel is perfect for your gym kit. A travel friendly lightweight tube that delivers double the washes. An energising blend of sea minerals, green tea extract and almond oil work to cleanse and nourish the skin, whilst a stimulating fragrance of pepper, eucalyptus and lemon fragrance restores body and mind.

Apply to clean skin as desired and massage in.


Cooling Finish Lotion Image



  1. I loved the cooling sensation I felt after applying this lotion.
  2. It is non greasy.
  3. My skin felt moisturised.
  4. It is quite affordable at £8 a pack.


  1. None.


Feel Great Shower Concentrate

Our unique concentrated shower gel is perfect after exercise to cleanse, refresh and nourish skin. Helps to reawaken body and mind to leave you feeling invigorated.

Massage onto damp skin and rinse thoroughly.


Shower Concentrate Image



  1. I love the stimulating fragrance.
  2. I felt energised after using this shower concentrate.
  3. It is quite affordable at £5 a pack.


  1. None.

I can’t faulty any of these three products. I think they are amazing, and I recommend them to the fitness lovers, they are great products to before and after exercising.

Have you tried any of these products? What do you think of them? Drop me a commnet, let’s chat.

Thanks for reading.


*PR samples included.


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