3 African Natural Hair Tips

Our natural African hair needs a unique form of tender loving care. It took me a minute to figure out how to give my hair the right sort of care and attention, but once I figured it all out through trial and error, I knew exactly how to handle my hair. The journey to care for African natural hair is life-changing and it never ends. I keep learning something new every time I play around with my hair. I love my hair so much that I cringe over time I recall the years of messing around with chemicals to keep my hair straight.

The whole idea of keeping your African natural relaxed and straight is mad. Our hair is not meant to be straight and it was a waste of time for me especially because my hair is so stubborn, fighting it was pointless.

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3 African Natural Hair Tips

Here are 3 quick tips to have in mind when you are caring for your natural afro hair:

  • Wash every week or fortnightly

It is best to wash the natural hair every week or fortnightly to get rid of the build-up of hair care products which can lead to excessive itching and dryness. Our hair is fragile (even though it doesn’t look it) so it needs to be handled delicately and washed as infrequently as possible.

  • Use the right hair care products

As with everything else, it is important to pay attention to the ingredients on the label before buying hair care products because you want to make sure you get the right products for your hair type. I prefer using only natural products and so I make sure the hair care products I use are natural and also cruelty-free.

  • Make sure protective styles are not too tight

I do my own protective styles now so this is no longer an issue for me but if someone else makes your hair, make sure the protective styles are not too tight as that would lead to hair breakage. If it hurts, let your hairdresser while she/he is making your hair as that is usually a clear sign that it is too tight. The last thing you want is to suffer hair loss and a headache just to look pretty.

How do you care for your natural hair? Do share your tried and tested hair care tips. Thanks for reading, commenting, sharing, and liking. Have a great time wherever you are and stay safe.

How to Take Care of Your Edges

Ladies with curly hair know what a struggle it is to tame our edges.

If you’re not sure what I mean by edges, they’re the baby hairs that grow along the hairline. They’re pretty sensitive. So if you’re not careful you’ll end up breaking the hair along your hairline. Due to their sensitive nature, they require a lot more tender love and care than other parts of your hair.


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Here are 5 easy ways you can take care of your edges and keep them healthy.


  1. Don’t tug on your edges

The edges are so delicate that tugging on your edges could cause them to break off easily. I know that it can be tempting to play with the baby hairs because they’re so soft. Sometimes we absent-mindedly play with the gentle curls of our edges. But you could save your edges when you try as much as possible to avoid tugging at them.


  1. Avoid protective styles that are too tight

Protective styles are great to help promote hair growth and protect your hair from harsh weather conditions.

But some protective styles can be a huge strain on your edges especially when they are done too tightly. Tight protective styles could break the baby hairs on your hairline.

To prevent your protective styles from putting so much strain on your edges, leave the edges out when doing your protective styles. That will help protect those edges.


  1. Moisturise your edges

Moisture is not only wonderful for your skin. It’s also great for your edges.

The moisture helps prevent your edges from drying out. When your edges are dry, they become brittle and break at a single touch. But regularly applying a good moisturizing cream or oils will not only strengthen your edges, it will also help promote hair growth.

When you’re moisturizing your hair it is possible to leave the edges out. So next time you’re applying moisturizer in your hair make sure that you give your edges some special treatment by deliberately applying a good hair cream or oil.



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  1. Wrap your hair at night to protect your edges

Did you know that your edges could break when your hair rubs against your pillow while you sleep? In addition to that, resting your hair on a cotton pillowcase could strip your hair off moisture. And you know what that means: dry edges = breakage.

To protect your hair as well as the baby hairs along your hairline, wrap your hair with a satin scarf or bonnet anytime you want to go to bed. The satin material will not only prevent your hair from drying out, it will also minimize friction which could break your hair.


  1. Avoid using heat and harsh chemicals on your hair

Applying heat directly on your hair could dry your hair out and this is bad news for your edges. Harsh chemicals have the same effect on your edges as well. Some women who subject their hair to heat or chemicals while straightening their hair, are more prone to experiencing breakage.

Try other styling methods instead of using flat irons or other tools that require heat. Also stay away from chemicals that are so harsh such that they dry out your hair super fast. Instead, stick with natural-based products that are gentle on your hair and give your hair the needed nourishment to be strong and healthy.

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