3 African Natural Hair Tips

Our natural African hair needs a unique form of tender loving care. It took me a minute to figure out how to give my hair the right sort of care and attention, but once I figured it all out through trial and error, I knew exactly how to handle my hair. The journey to care for African natural hair is life-changing and it never ends. I keep learning something new every time I play around with my hair. I love my hair so much that I cringe over time I recall the years of messing around with chemicals to keep my hair straight.

The whole idea of keeping your African natural relaxed and straight is mad. Our hair is not meant to be straight and it was a waste of time for me especially because my hair is so stubborn, fighting it was pointless.

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3 African Natural Hair Tips

Here are 3 quick tips to have in mind when you are caring for your natural afro hair:

  • Wash every week or fortnightly

It is best to wash the natural hair every week or fortnightly to get rid of the build-up of hair care products which can lead to excessive itching and dryness. Our hair is fragile (even though it doesn’t look it) so it needs to be handled delicately and washed as infrequently as possible.

  • Use the right hair care products

As with everything else, it is important to pay attention to the ingredients on the label before buying hair care products because you want to make sure you get the right products for your hair type. I prefer using only natural products and so I make sure the hair care products I use are natural and also cruelty-free.

  • Make sure protective styles are not too tight

I do my own protective styles now so this is no longer an issue for me but if someone else makes your hair, make sure the protective styles are not too tight as that would lead to hair breakage. If it hurts, let your hairdresser while she/he is making your hair as that is usually a clear sign that it is too tight. The last thing you want is to suffer hair loss and a headache just to look pretty.

How do you care for your natural hair? Do share your tried and tested hair care tips. Thanks for reading, commenting, sharing, and liking. Have a great time wherever you are and stay safe.

Blogging Tips For Sponsored Posts

I wrote about How Much To Charge For Sponsored Posts some days ago. If you missed that post, click here. I promised to write a post on tips for writing a sponsored post in my previous blogging post and I do keep my word.

Here are 6 tips you can start trying today:



Work On Your Blog

Work on your blog content and the brands will come knocking.

Get Paid

This point is so very important. Set your sponsored post rates and get paid. Your time is your money. Do not work for free. The link above explains this tip in more detail. Check it out.

Take Payment In Advance

I remember a sponsored post I wrote for a Spanish brand some years ago. We agreed on the fee, I wrote the post within an hour and I scheduled the post to go live the next day. It took me a good couple of days of chasing up my payment via email before I eventually got paid. That was a HUGE mistake. The stress of sending daily reminders and just worrying about me never getting paid was more than the work itself. Since then I have always taken payment in advance.

My experience is a lot better than some other experiences. Some bloggers have had to take down some sponsored posts because the payments were never made. Don’t make the same mistake. Always take payment before you even start writing. PayPal is a safe means of receiving and sending money. It protects both the sender and recipient.

Be Professional

Be professional when dealing with brands and their PRs. Respond to emails and messages in a formal and timely manner. Make sure you understand the post requirements and timescales and keep to them. Always let the brands know when the sponsored post is live by sending a link to the post. Being professional just shows you know what you are doing.

Your Blog Is Not A Billboard

You do not have to accept every sponsored post offer or collaboration that comes your way. Be selective. Only accept offers that suit your blog. Try not to have too many sponsored posts on your blog back to back. Depending on how frequent you post, 2 or 3 in 10 posts can be sponsored without your blog looking like a billboard. Do not cheapen your brand for a few bucks.


Always let your readers know when a post is sponsored. This tip is so very important. Transparency is the key to gaining your reader’s trust. Disclose every sponsored post.

That is all folks. Do you have any tried and tested sponsored post tip? Share in the comment section. Thanks for reading.




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