Product Review – Dior J’adore In Joy Perfume

Hello everyone! I hope you all had a merry Christmas. We had an amazing time. It was a lovely busy Christmas and I am still recovering from all the fun. We are also getting ready to enter the new year in style. This year has been a very busy year and I am looking forward to a better year in 2019.

The perfume lovers would love this review post because today, I am review Dior J’adore In Joy. I had the opportunity to try it some days ago and like all the other J’adore perfumes I have tried, this lives up to the name.


Dior J’adore In Joy 50ML/£60

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“With J’adore In Joy, I created a unique fruity-salty accord to make white flowers shine. A modern Fleur de sel that literally smells of joy.”
François Demachy, Dior Perfumer-Creator.

Dior J’adore In Joy Eau de Toilette Spray for her has a fresh, fruit and floral scent. The fragrance is light and lively. It can brighten up any day.


  • Top notes: Fleur De Sel Note/
  • Heart notes: Heart of Ylang-Ylang Transformed in Grasse.
  • Base notes: Juicy Peach Note.
  • Volume: Available in 50ml (£60) and 100ml (£90).


  1. I love the perfume bottle. J’adore bottles are always so pretty.
  2. The fragrance is really nice. It smells great and stays on for hours.
  3. I like the fact that J’adore In Joy’s fragrance is not too strong. Some perfumes can be a bit overpowering but this fragrance is just right.
  4. This is a perfect summer scent. Great for the sunny weather.



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  1. J’adore In Joy like all the other J’adore perfumes comes with a slightly heavy price tag at £60 for a 50ml bottle and £90 for a 100ml bottle.


I really like this perfume. I think it is a great addition to have especially in the summer months. It is quite pricey but I am sure the Dior lovers won’t mind spending a bit more for their preferred fragrance.


What do you think of this perfume? Have you tried it?


Product Review – Repetto Eau de Toilette

My regular readers will be wondering where all these sudden product reviews and blogging posts are coming from. You are going to be reading a lot more of posts like this one on Fashion and Style Police. I enjoy trying out new products and giving my honest opinion about them, and I love sharing knowledge and information. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoy writing them.

Product Review

I got a 30ml Repetto Eau de Toilette bottle in Sephora Paris while on holiday last month and I have sprayed it a couple of times now. Here are my thoughts on it:


  • It comes in a beautiful package. That bottle is so chic.
  • The fragrance smells amazing. It is a combination of floral-fruity and oriental-woody.



  • It is quite expensive at 40 euros for a 30ml bottle.
  • The fragrance is not long-lasting. It wears off after some hours. I guess that is expected with an Eau de Toilette perfume.

Has anyone tried this perfume? Sound off in the comment section please.

Product Review – SI By Giorgio Armani

Giorgio Armani SI

Giorgio Armani SI perfume has been on my perfume wish list for months, so you can imagine my excitement when I received it as a birthday present. I have used it for weeks now and I can tell you it is definitely one of the best perfumes I have ever used, and it is one of my top five perfumes now.

The sweet-smelling fragrance comes in a gorgeous solid bottle, that feels like it can never break. The fragrance is a mixture of vanilla, mandarin oil, and a bunch of other oils. You don’t need to use it too much, you can spray just a little, in the key areas (will do a post on the key areas to spray your perfume soon) and smell amazing all day, you won’t even need to re-spray later in the day.

My gift was a perfume set so it came with the lotion and a shower gel (shower gel not included in the pic) as well, and I do use them all together for a stronger effect. Giorgio Armani SI is so long-lasting, more like everlasting as the fragrance stays on your clothes till the next wash.

Anytime I have this perfume, people stop to ask what I have on and how amazing I smell. This has happened every time now. That says a lot about the perfume. I will be buying it again once this runs out. I will also be trying out the Giorgio Armani SI Intense, which is a stronger and enhanced version of Giorgio Armani Si.

Have you tried the Giorgio Armani SI? If yes, do tell us about it. If not, do try it. You can grab a 50ml perfume set for £65 at most perfume stores.

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