Christmas Shopping Tips



Have you started your Christmas Shopping yet? I have. I know many of you may think it is too early to start shopping for Christmas in October but I disagree. I think this is the best time to start. I have started my Christmas Shopping because I like to get my shopping sorted before the crazy Christmas rush starts. And starting early means I can take my time and shop smart. All I need to worry about is where to hide all the gifts, so my kids don’t find them, lol.

I have previously mentioned shopping tips in an older post so I am not going to bore you by repeating them. But here are some Christmas shopping tips that have worked for me –


Shopping in a big mall

I like to shop in big shopping malls where I can get all I need in 1 go. Liverpool One is one of the biggest shopping malls around me, and it is one of my favourite places to go. It houses some of my favourite shops and restaurants. So I get to eat some delicious food at amazing restaurants whilst shopping. There are so many of my favourite restaurants in Liverpool, so I am usually spoilt for choice. I usually stop for a quick coffee, some cake and an all day breakfast bloomer toastie at a coffee shop whilst shopping. Then have a proper lunch in a fancy restaurant after my shopping has been completed. I do look forward to my shopping days (when I am alone) because I go all out!


Go for bargains

Starting my Christmas shopping early means I can make the most of the bargains and deals in stores. At the moment, there are so many offers going on with good discounts, it would be silly to miss out. And with my growing children that keep growing by the minute, I am always on the lookout for bargains. So I advise you keep your eyes and ears open too.


Get gift receipts

Do not forget to get gift receipts for gifts you buy, just incase they need to be returned or exchanged.


Have a list and budget

Having a list and a budget goes without saying but many people go shopping without them, so it is worth mentioning. It keeps you focused. Spending cash instead of using your bank cards might also help, as it is a lot harder for most of us to part with real life cash.


Have you started your Christmas shopping yet?


*This is a collaborative post.



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