How to Dress for Spring When It is Cold Outside

We had a long winter with snow showing up to surprise us all some weeks ago. Spring is finally here and we are loving it on most days. But on some days, it still feels a bit chilly. What kind of clothes should one wear in such weather? If you’re wondering which outfit’s the best for spring when it’s cold outside, then I’ve got you covered. You will find these spring clothing tips very useful.


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  1. Make use of light layers

Time to give up the bulky wooly jumpers and go for a warmer and more spring-inspired approach. Spring is the best time to use layering to your advantage. Spring clothing is light and may not be able to withstand the cold. Layer your outfits with pieces made of materials that are warmer. Materials like cashmere or merino do great for those cold spring days.


  1. Rock your boots

In cold weather you have to keep those feet warm and no footwear achieves that better than boots. The warm fuzzy lining of the boots can keep the cold from coming in. The best part is that boots are stylish. Go for light coloured boots like tan, light grey or blush. The light colour complements the spring vibe.


  1. Wear a maxi skirt

Who said you can’t wear a skirt in the cold? Maxi skirts make a fine addition to the spring outfits. The reason is simple – on those particularly cold spring days, you can wear a pair of tights under the maxi skirt to keep warm. No one needs to know.


  1. Opt for jackets instead of coats

Coats are a huge reminder of the winter, but you don’t have to worry about wearing a coat when it’s cold outside. There are other warm alternatives you can swap your coats with. Blazers, bomber jackets and leather jackets make better spring alternatives for those cold spring days.


  1. Make denim your friend

Denim is a staple in the wardrobe even in the cold spring. The denim material is quite warm especially denim jackets. They look cool and laid back and they can provide the extra warmth most spring outfits can’t give. If you don’t have a denim jacket in your closet, make sure you get one this spring.


  1. Wear scarves

Scarves are elegant but most of all they keep your neck warm in a light way, which is perfect for the spring weather. Play around with colours that complement or add some contrast to your ensemble. But instead of a wooly scarf, opt for cashmere, merino or cotton. They are warm and stylish too.


  1. Add one spring item at a time

As much as you want to wear your spring clothing as soon as the first signs of spring emerge, it is wiser to transition into the new season one clothing item at a time. When the warmer spring weather kicks in you would have fully transitioned to spring clothing.


What do you think of these spring fashion tips? Do share your thoughts.

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