Beauty Muse: Gizelle Bryant

The lovely Gizelle Bryant is the Beauty Muse for the month. For those who do not recognise the name or the face, Gizelle Bryant is one of the housewives on The Housewives of Potomac. I have been watching the series for many years now and I am a huge fan. The ladies are quite entertaining, and this Beauty Muse is one of the original cast members. You can easily catch her and her onscreen BFF – Robyn Dixon up to mischief. To watch all the seasons, play catch up on Amazon Prime.

Back to this Beauty Muse; Bryant has a smooth and flawless skin, and she always looks beautiful. I have always admired her stunning features, and so I did some digging and I found out a bit about her skincare routine and makeup tips.

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Beauty Muse: Gizelle Bryant

Gizelle Bryant’s main steps to her daily routine include using SPF, a gentle cleanser, and a mosituriser. I was super shocked to discover this beauty muse has a very simple skincare routine, and uses drugstore skincare products. Her natural glow is so easy to maintain and it just confirms that you don’t have to spend an awful lot of money on skincare products to glow.

Once you have the right products for each step of your skincare routine, and you apply all the products correctly, the rest of the work is usually done from the lifestyle choices. So having a balanced diet, getting the right amount of sleep, drinking the recommended amounts of water, and having a stress-free lifestyle is a great way to keep your skin healthy.

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What do you think of Gizelle Bryant as the Beauty Muse of the month? Do you watch The Real Housewives of Potomac? Are you a fan of the series? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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Style Icon: Dr Wendy Osefo

The lovely Real Housewife – Dr Wendy Osefo is the Style Icon for the month. I have been a huge fan of Wendy Osefo since the first day she popped up on our screens on The Real Housewives of Potomac. This woman is beauty, brains and style all wrapped up. It is everyday we have a Doctor as a Real Housewife. It only takes a few minutes of watching talented woman to spot how smart and creative she is. I enjoy watching a lot and I am glad the new season of the reality show is now on Amazon Prime TV. I watched the first episode some days ago and it was so much fun. This season is looking entertaining already with the new interesting cast member. Do you watch The Real Housewives of Potomac?

Style Icon: Wendy Osefo

Style Icon: Wendy Osefo picture

Back to this style icon, Dr Osefo has a gorgeous body and she knows how best to style it. I love how she mixes and matches her accessories and pieces together. She is always looking very stylish and colourful. I love the way she plays with colours. Her outfits always give me so much style inspiration. I would love to be a fly on the wall in her house so I can go through her entire wardrobe. I bet it is filled with some eye popping accessories and stylish pieces.

The white mini mono-strap dress Wendy Osefo has on in the photo above looks amazing on her. I love the shoes as well. The outfit looks well put together and her makeup is on point as well, especially the red lippie.

What do you think of this look? Do you enjoy watching this style icon on The Real Housewives of Potomac? Are you a fan of the show? Please sound off in the comments section down below. Thanks for reading.


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