How to Combat Writer’s Block



As a freelancer, writing forms a major part of my business. I must admit that there are times when I want to write but I find myself staring at a blank page. Sometimes the struggle is real, and I feel uninspired. Writer’s block happens to even the best of us. It occurs when you are unable to write because you don’t have an idea of what to write or how to write it, or you just feel ‘blank’. Writer’s block is usually caused as a result of stress or tension, which can rob you off the inspiration to write.
Fussing over perfect opening paragraphs, punctuation, or perfect pictures can be a lot of pressure. For some freelancers, fear is the number one reason why they stop dead in their tracks when they want to write.  They’re afraid that their write-up will not be loved by anyone. Forcing the writing process is also a reason why people face writer’s block. Some freelancers who suffer from writer’s block think that the reason why they face writer’s block is because they’re not good writers. But that’s absolutely wrong! Having writer’s block doesn’t mean that you are a bad writer. Even the best writers the world has ever known go through this problem. What is important is that you are able to identify the triggers and work towards the solution.
If you have been struggling with writer’s block, then fighting the root cause of the problems is the best way to deal with it. Here are some tips you may find useful –
Acknowledge that your writing doesn’t have to be perfect
This is where freelancers are the worst hit. It’s not a bad thing to want your work to be perfect. In fact, it’s a good thing. But when you obsess over making every sentence perfect, you hamper your writing process.
If perfectionism is what’s holding you back from writing, then do a brain dump. Freely write about a topic that you want to feature in your blog or article. Don’t worry about the punctuations, spellings, or grammar, you will edit the typos later. Just concentrate on pouring everything you intend to write out on paper or a word document. You’ll be surprised with the amazing content you were able to write down!
Be confident with your writing
I understand that you don’t want anyone to criticize your writing. I feel hurt when someone says ill things about what I write or how I write it. But this should never stop you from writing. If the fear of criticism is holding you back, before you start writing, imagine that you are writing to your best friend, a beloved fan or someone who is in desperate need of the information you are sharing. Since you are coming from the point of being loved, this trick will help you feel relaxed and the ideas will flow freely. Trust me, this tip works like magic.
Make the writing process fun
Although very subtle, some people face writer’s block because, unknown to them, they are forcing themselves to create. It’s very difficult to write under such a condition. The best way to deal with this is to make the writing process very enjoyable. When you catch yourself battle with writer’s block, take a break. Walk around the garden, go for a jog/walk, make yourself a cup of tea or call up a friend. This will help you feel more refreshed and less under stress.
Another tip is to come to writing with the mindset that you’re going to enjoy every moment of writing. Don’t see writing as a job but more as a means of expressing yourself. Give yourself little gifts or rewards for writing. This turns writing into a fun game with a reward attached to it.

Do you struggle with writer’s block? How do you cope with it?


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