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Fashion and beauty blogging has opened my eyes to various opportunities I never thought were possible. I have made friends with some cool bloggers, collaborated with some amazing brands and PR agencies, discovered interesting blogs I visit daily, having readers all over the world even regulars from Saudi Arabia following my tiny blog, I can go on and on with the positives. The future is really looking bright for Fashion and Style Police and I am still very new in the game.

Being a fashion blogger is hard work though, it takes dedication and commitment to keep blogging. The passion has to be there. If you start off your blog just to make some quick cash, you may be disappointed. Your blog may only be read by you and your mum because your readers will see through it. The fire has to be burning within you, your readers should feel the love you have for what you do.

I decided earlier on to focus on the editorial route (fashion writing ) more than the personal style route. The editorial route is a lot harder I would say, no offense to the personal style bloggers. I respect their hard work but it is a lot  easier to pose and look pretty for the camera once you have the right body and the right pieces on. Fashion writing is a completely different ball game. You have to always think outside the box, think of new ideas and think of how to write a particular trending topic differently. You are always thinking and you can’t afford to cover a trending topic late.

I remember having to think of and write a 300 word blog post in 30 minutes for an accessories brand client. There was a bit of confusion with the client previously (language barrier), once that was sorted, the client needed the blog post to go live within the hour. I had to write something up pretty quickly. The client was impressed and the rest is history.

I still take personal style pictures when I can to add a bit of variety to the blog and make it my own. I enjoy taking pictures and I have an eye candy for a photographer so I really can’t complain. I have recently fallen in love with Lightroom 5 and Photoshop so  editing pictures have been a breeze. Watch out for some awesome pictures coming your way on this blog.

But for now, I need to know what type of blogs you prefer reading? Strictly personal style blogs, editorial style fashion blogs or a bit of both in blog? Do tell…


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  1. I totally agree with you! as a fashion blogger who focuses on editorials and feature posts myself, although I am still new in the blogosphere (about 6 months) I must admit I do love writing but it can be a challenge thinking up ways to write an interesting post without sounding boring and using too much fashion jargon! I’m sure you will agree with me though that after you’re done, there’s that feeling of satisfaction that comes with it. Congrats on your blog, you’re going places!!!

  2. I do somewhat agree with you it is easy to stand in front of the camera, write about your outfit/day and post. But to me these are my favourite blogs, I love seeing street style/personal style, it appeals to me so much more!

    Georgia x

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