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We fashion bloggers always talk about the next must-have piece and the next ‘IT’ bag or shoe to buy. You see many of us photographed wearing the latest season’s pieces and I am sure you wonder how we can afford the lavish lifestyle (note, I use the word ‘we’ loosely here).

Fashion bloggers hardly discuss their finances or rather, the financial implications of their lifestyle. Here are some important facts you should remember when next you see ‘an outfit of the day picture’:

  • Most of the clothes you see your favourite fashion bloggers showcasing were actually gifted. Some fashion bloggers fail to disclose to their readers when they receive clothes or accessories from brands (I always  disclose any freebie I receive with the c/o tag)
  • Some fashion and beauty bloggers max out their store cards and credit cards in the fake it, till I make it mentality, which is all well and good if you do make it. Guess you never know until you try.


  • Some fashion bloggers attend clothes swap, where they swap clothes with friends and family. That way they keep showcasing new, different pieces and accessories on their blogs.
  • Some fashion bloggers have been reduced to buying and returning to the stores once they have been photographed in them.

Remember these facts when next you see an outfit post and you will feel so much better. Your bank balance will thank you for it.


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