The Style Icon – Carrie Bradshaw

The style icon for this week is the famous Carrie Bradshaw from the Sex and the City series. I must confess, I was always so excited to watch any episode of Sex and the City just to see what Carrie Bradshaw had on, she was a style legend. Her savvy style was simply out of this world. She rocks.





Carrie Bradshaw wore pieces and accessories that I won’t even dream of wearing but she looked amazing in them. She had the carriage to pull it off and that matters a lot.


What do you think of her style?


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  1. I could write a book on what I think of Carrie’s style. I was and am a huge fan of SATC and style-wise, I was all about her style in Season 2,3 and 4- before the show got waaay big and got into the Vogue Fashion side of things. E.g in season 3 there’s a clip where she’s wearing a tye dye Chanel T and leggings getup, a head tie, killer heels and her ‘ghetto’ Carrie earrings- I looved that and till today its a quirky tongue -in-cheek ensemble that is rarely seen coz now women who are supposed to be stylish in shows are styled to the last inch of their lives. V.few risks

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