Kim Kardashian’s 2015 MET GALA Dress

I believe in giving honour to whom honour is due, and that rule applies to every one and every situation. Last night, at the MET GALA, Kim Kardashian stepped out in this gorgeous white and gold Roberto Cavalli dress and she claims the dress was inspired by Cher, and then the Beehives (they don’t mess about) came for her on her Instagram page saying she copied Beyoncé’s MET GALA 2012 Givenchy dress.

MET GALA 2015Beyonce MET GALA 2012



Now both dresses and even the staircase pose look awfully similar, her dress looks more similar to Beyoncé’s than Cher’s, but I guess it will hurt her ‘brand’ so much to say Beyoncé inspired her dress, with the rivalry and the love and hate relationship they both have going on. It is easier for Kim Kardashian to claim her dress inspiration is from Cher than from Beyoncé. My question is why bother telling us where you got your inspiration from? Especially when it is an obvious lie. If you are going to copy, do it with your head held up high and no explanations. The Beehives might not have noticed?

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  • Rihanna


I know I am with the minority on this one, I know the MET GALA theme celebrates the upcoming exhibit, “China: Through The Looking Glass”, but this Guo Pei couture dress has too much going on for me to like.


  • Solange


These stars were trying to outdo each other in the weirdness department. I am not sure about this Giles dress on Solange. Too weird or maybe I am weird.

  • Kris Jenner


Kris Jenner looked wrong in this Balmain dress. Too much going on with the accessories; earrings too long, wrong shoes to wear with the dress, makeup also looks wrong.

Grace Coddington


Grace Coddington in this Michael Kors floral printed satin separates looks too casual for the MET GALA.

  • Cara Delevingne


Cara Delevingne looks too casual in this Stella McCartney jumpsuit and faux floral tattoos. Edgy look but not for the MET GALA,



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