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While I was in the university, a couple of friends were dying to get tattoos and they went on to get them. One of them, let’s call her Aby, had about 5 different tattoos in various parts of her body, some of which were quite pretty to look at, and some not so pretty. Fast forward to 2015, Aby is a medical doctor in Scotland, married to a lawyer, they have 3 kids, and she no longer wants tattoos. She has outgrown them and wants them off. What will she do? Not easy getting 1 tattoo off, and she has 5 to make disappear.


This is not Aby

For me, I never wanted tattoos and although everyone was having them done back then, I never felt under pressure to have them because I didn’t like the idea of having anything permanent on my body, I couldn’t stand the pain; I followed Aby to have one of her tattoos done and she screamed the block down. I also thought there was no way to get them off and I didn’t want to be stuck with something on my body for the rest of my life. Well I didn’t have to worry much as there are now many ways to get rid of tattoos, say hello to the latest and fastest method today –   Picosure Tattoo Removal Laser Treatment.

Picosure is the greatest innovation in laser tattoo removal. It is fast and effective, making it cheaper than other tattoo removal methods.So rather than having up to twenty sessions, you could get rid of your unwanted tattoo in as little as 4 sessions, which also means you will have less recovery time unlike previous tattoo removal methods. Picosure laser tattoo removal is faster and more effective than any other method, it is effective on tough blue and green inks, and tattoos that have stopped responding to other lasers.

Here is a YouTube footage featuring The PicoSure tattoo removal laser at Pulse Light Clinic. This footage is by Channel 5’s, Tattoo Disaster Series.

The Picosure Tattoo Removal Laser Treatment can remove majority of tattoos and is suitable for most skin types. It is currently the fastest method to remove tattoos in the UK. This treatment is offered by Pulse Light Clinic, located at Fenchurch Street, London and the prices start from £70. So if you ever think of getting rid of a tattoo(s), you know where to go.

What are your thoughts on Tattoos? Do you have any you are thinking of getting rid of? Lets chat, drop me a comment.

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  1. My daughter just had her first tattoo… she’s been asking to have one since she was 14 !!! Now she’s 19 we couldn’t do that much about it anymore… It’s something small on her ankle. It is very meaningful to her and I’m ok with this… as long as it is not at a place which is too obvious, or as long as it’s not too big ! We allowed her 1 tattoo while she still lives under our roof… she’s already planning a second tattoo for when she’s leaving home, which won’t be too soon I hope… Perhaps she has changed her mind by then !

  2. I have been thinking about getting a tattoo for years. I created a few designs while I was in University — thankfully, I didn’t go on to actually getting any of them as I know those designs would not suit the person I am today.
    I also had a friend at uni who got a tattoo on her lower back. She immediately hated it because it was not positioned correctly. She started the process of removing that tattoo as soon as she could. I saw the scars and I am sure seeing that did slow down my desire to have a tattoo on my body.
    Having said that, I had my first child last autumn and part of me would like to get something in memory of him entering my life — a tattoo — maybe the time and date? Not sure yet so we’ll see!

  3. I love small discreet tattoos and have over the years thought about getting one done. But it is the permanency of them that has always put me off. What if I changed my mind later? I’ve heard that laser removal is not that successful, though this treatment looks promising. Nevertheless, I think I’ll stick with transfers – cheaper and they just peel/sponge off 🙂 Tx

  4. Tha ks Stella. @ UncleWill2013. What gives you the impression that tattoos are only done when you have got a complex issue? What is wrong with just loving art on your body?

  5. wow that looks really effective! I’ve just recently had my first tattoo and so glad I waited till mid 20s and my parents didn’t let me when I was younger or I’d be needing this!

    M xx

  6. I have 4 tattoo’s that I got between the ages of 19 and 23. I Love them all! I want even more, I think getting a tattoo should be a decision that is really thought about not a spear of the moment thing, its too easy to get a tattoo really which is the reason that removal has now become a bigger business. It’s an interesting post about it all.

  7. I have two tattoos one on my neck and I’ve got 2 birds on my back. I love them, I know a lot of people who have ones they regret but for me I like them and they have no meaning but I like the artistry that goes with tattooing.

  8. I’m so glad I never got a tattoo. My parents always made me think about the future – having to go to business dinners in nice dresses, etc. Not that nice covered in tattoos. And then I’d think about if my grandma had tattoos and I’d just think how ridiculous she’d look with them, so no tattoos for me.

  9. I have three tattoos but I still like them 😀 it is good to know there is a possibility to remove them. A friend of mine told me they are currently working on another method to remove tattoos which is apparently going to be less painful than laser.


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