Are Tattoos Becoming Uncool?

Do you have tattoos? I’m sure you’ve probably got one because it looked cool or because they symbolized something special to you. Maybe they were used to mark an important period in your life, the time when you fell in love or when you had your first child. Or maybe you know someone who has a tattoo and admired it from afar – or at least admired their courage.


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The History of Tattoos

The history of tattoos dates as far back as 12000 years. It all started with a need of protection and identity. They were used as a means of differentiating one tribe from the other. For some cultures tattoos were used as a means of protecting themselves magically from harm – more or less like an indelible amulet of some sort.

Fast forward to the 21stcentury, tattoos were used as a means of self-expression. Some do it for fun or just because it’s fashionable. It’s no longer uncommon to see celebrities and other influencers proudly flaunting their tattoos. But it took a lot of time before tattoos became socially acceptable.

There was a time when displaying your tattoos was considered a taboo. Tattoos were associated with gangsters and nobody wanted to be associated with such people. So if you were caught were with a tattoo, you were automatically given “the look”.

Interestingly, there has been a shift. Tattoos seem to be gradually losing its appeal. For example, when Adam Levine took his shirt off during the last Super Bowl, it wasn’t welcomed warmly by viewers. His body was covered in tattoos and people saw the tattoos as looking too fresh with such dark ink.

Of course, this is not the first time the public is seeing someone with their body covered in tattoos. But it seems like the bias against tattoos that was present several years ago never really left our systems.


Did tattoos suddenly stop being cool?

It’s hard to tell. But lately there has been an increase in the number of people going under the laser to have their tattoos removed. The increase in the demand to remove tattoos made tattoo removal a lucrative venture on its own.

Although the reasons why people are running to have their tattoos removed varies from person to person. However some of the common reasons are regret, acquired religious beliefs, the end of an amorous relationship gone bad, the need to be socially accepted and to meet employment requirements

The procedure is not cheap. You may be required to do between 4 to 6 sessions depending on how old your tattoo is. And it hurts more to remove the tattoo than to have one done. But this doesn’t stop people. In fact, their numbers are on the increase.

Tattoos have certainly come a long way. They fought the battle, going from being frowned at to being cool and then back again. We can never know for sure what will be the latest trend in the next couple of years. But we can know one thing for sure, that too will change.


Style Icon – Nick Cannon

The style icon today is the stylish Nick Cannon. For those who do not know, Nicholas Scott “Nick” Cannon is an American rapper, actor, comedian, entrepreneur, record producer, radio and television personality.



Nick Cannon is famous for being the lead act in the movie Drumline, and he is also famous for being once married to the talented and beautiful Mariah Carey. The couple were so in love, Nick even got a tattoo of her name ‘Mariah’ written boldly on his back, but has since had it removed. In other to get rid of the tattoo, he got a massive crucified Jesus on the top of it, which looks good on him. He is so lucky that there are now effective ways to get rid of tattoos, or he would have been left with the name of his ex on his back for life. Can you imagine that? That would suck so bad. I wonder why these celebs (and people in love in general) never learn. Having the name of your lover on your body is a very bad idea, because you never know what would become of your love.

I do hope Nick and Mariah get back together. I think they look good as couple, and I like them together. Their twins are super gorgeous and they make a great team. Rumour has it that they are back together, but on the down low and are looking to get married again, so fingers and toes crossed for them.


Nick Cannon’s style is so cool, and that is the reason why he is my style icon today. His style is daring, fun and eccentric. He has the charisma and charm to look good in anything, and he knows it.


Nick Cannon definitely deserves the spot as a Style Icon. What do you think?

Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Thanks for reading and have a fabulous day.


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The Best Way to Fix your Tattoo

Anyone who has a bad tattoo must have watched the horrors of the TV programme – Tattoo Fixers. There is nothing wrong with this programme, but for television and entertainment they really have picked out the most horrendous tattoos to ‘fix’. But even after the artists alterations…it’s still a tattoo!
However If you have a body design that maybe just brings back bad memories or maybe was done when you were perhaps drunk, out partying with your mates as a dare and you now wish you had never had it done then maybe you should read this. Believe me – removing the tattoo for good is the only way to wipe out that mistake.
There’s good news and bad news for fixing your tattoo once and for all….but the bad news is just the mild discomfort…but can you remember the pain of getting done? Probably not!!! You might remember it all with regrets and possibly a hangover the next day! However the good news is that most body designs can be removed and done by an expert and you will not ‘ragret’ it!!


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Most important is the fact that ALL body designs are unique – AND even more important everyone has unique skin. This means you need expert advice and attention to assess your individual needs.
Here are some key facts to consider:

Tattoos vary and so does the treatment
Every client considering tattoo removal needs to be aware that the treatment provided really depends on the tattoo itself. Older ink and black ink tends to be much easier to remove than coloured ink. The length of treatment greatly depends on these factors. Usually treatments are approximately 8 weeks apart and may require 8 to 15 laser sessions depending on the individual and tattoo.

So your choice in the locality of a specialist clinic is a main consideration.
Faster removal is not always best advice – Be wary of any clinics that tells you otherwise. Most laser tattoo removal clients want get rid of their tattoos as quickly as possible. However, aggressive tattoo removal means that there is a higher chance of scarring which nobody wants. Individual assessment of your skin is necessary to make sure a delicate removal procedure is conducted which reduces the risk of scarring.

So don’t rush into your decision as you did when you had the tattoo done in the first place – do some research in your locality and find an expert clinic.

Basically this is how the tattoo laser removal treatment works:

The lasers break down the ink in your skin which allows the body to flush it out of your system. Without getting to technical, essentially the laser goes into the dermis layer of skin until it reaches the ink. Next, the ink is broken down into tiny particles which allows the lymphatic system (the network of vessels in our body) to dispose of. Essentially the broken down ink is absorbed by the body and removed by the lymphatic system.




At The Fylde Clinic, only impartial advice is provided to clients to ensure they get the right treatment for their individual needs. For more information about tattoo removal, visit the website.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you have a tattoo you regret having?


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