Kylie Jenner Covers Elle UK February 2016

Kylie Jenner


Hey folks. I didn’t feature as many magazine covers as I should have last month because everyone was busy getting ready for Christmas and I didn’t have enough days to feature all I wanted to. I did try to squeeze in as many as I could, but this month, it is business as usual, I will be covering all my usual magazine covers, so watch this space.

This month Elle’s is all about the famous Kylie Jenner, and I am loving the cover, she looks beautiful on it, and I am sure this issue is going to be bought quickly by her young fans, if they can afford to cough out £4.10 for an issue. I see Elle Magazine’s target market as women in their 20s and above with a disposable income because of the magazine content and price tag, but who knows. Kylie Jenner’s fans could be women in their 20s with a disposable income, what do I know.

Elle UK

Back to the cover, Kylie Jenner looks gorgeous on it, and I was not expecting anything less, she is a pretty girl.  Her hair and makeup is simply flawless, and the white looks perfect on the grey background, and the dash of yellow makes it even more beautiful, but I really not sure about buying this month’s issue. I am not that interested in Kylie Jenner if I am being completely honest, and the cover girl plays a major role in determining what issue I buy, so I don’t know about this one. However, the pieces to buy and fashion’s new season articles interest me, so I may be looking to get some inspiration from there.

What are your thoughts on this cover? Will you be buying it?

Drop me a comment, let’s chat.

Thanks for reading and have a lovely Friday.

32 responses

  1. She looks lovely! Now that all my deadlines and exams are over I’ll be buying some more magazines to read. This is definitely on my list! x

  2. She looks gorgeous. I love her flawless skin and makeup. I don’t mind buying the magazine cos I like beautiful people. Not judging her character here but her looks. She is pretty.

  3. Beautiful girl, but from a fashion point of view I prefer Kendall, Kylie just doesn’t seem a very nice person tbh.

  4. With my total inability to recognise anyone on a magazine cover I find I’m not particularly influenced by who is being featured. Apart from the family name and money has she done anything that warrants being featured?

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