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I have been sleep derived for days now, thanks to my darling baby boy. I was warned about the terrible twos and the sleeping problems it comes along with, but nothing prepared me for what I am currently going through. I am lucky, if I get 4 hours uninterrupted sleep on some nights, kisses to the beauty gurus for innovating the magic stick or liquid – concealer, it usually does the trick. Good makeup and a strong cup of coffee get me through the day on most days, but I now want a more permanent solution to my sleep worries.

I have also realised that apart from me going about like a zombie all day, due to my lack of sleep, my skin also suffers. I have more acne and spots when I am unable to have at least 7 hours sleep a night, than when I do have a good night sleep. On the few occasions, when my little ones allow me sleep, I find that I struggle to find a comfortable position to drift off. I have tried changing pillows, beddings, even tried a Boots sleep pillow mist, and I am still not getting my beauty sleep, so now I am thinking of changing our mattress.

We have had our mattress for now for almost 6 years now, and I know most brands recommend you change your mattress every 8 years, but I think ours is due for a change. I think the most important thing in my makeup bag is my BED (even though it does not fit in my makeup bag), it is not called a beauty sleep for nothing, without sleep there is no beauty or life. Research has shown that it is possible to survive without eating for weeks, but live only 11 days without sleeping, that fact alone should encourage us to make the most of our bed.

An independent study carried out by Adjustable Beds revealed improvements to skin, concentration, mood and well-being from a good night’s sleep. Check out the findings in this video below:

So there you have it. Having a good night sleep (8 hours every night), can cure acne in 7 days. I now aim to call it a day every night once it is 11pm. I know this will be hard, since I am so used to going to bed after midnight everyday, but it not good for my skin or state of mind, so I will be making changes.

Do you have 8 hours sleep every night? Sound off in the comment section.

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  1. My children are old enough now that yes, I do get my eight hours of sleep each night, or if not, I sleep when I am tired and wake rested, so it’s all good! I’ll tell my teenage son about this sleep thing and see if it helps his acne.

  2. I definitely don’t get the sleep I should – I usually get full of creative ideas just as I’m supposed to be hitting the sack, so annoyingly I find myself most productive when I should be going to bed!

  3. Although I don’t sleep as well as I could, I definitely think that it has a direct correlation to your skin and also fatigue, metabolism and general wellbeing!

    Jodie @ Jodetopia x

  4. I agree with you. Good and adequate sleep is a key to ones look and functionality. If you cannot get your hours at night, take a nap here and there during the day.

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