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I know I have been quite silent on the giveaways category on the blog for this month, but that is because Fashion and Style Police turns 4 in October (yayyy), and I have been so busy sorting out fab giveaways ready to celebrate. So keep your eyes peeled. I promise the gifts will be worth the wait.

This month, I am giving away this sweet-smelling Elizabeth Arden Provocative Interlude EDP Spray 100ml, worth Β£35. I have been a huge fan of Elizabeth Arden perfumes, and products in general, since I was a little girl. I have used almost all the fragrances by the brand, and the ones I am yet to use, I can’t wait to use them. I am a huge fan, can you tell?

Let me tell you a bit more about this amazing fragrance:

Β  This Oriental Vanilla fragrance by Elizabeth Arden, for women was launched in 2006. Provocative Interlude was created by. Carlos Benaim and Loc Dong. The top notes are fruits, champagne and guava; middle notes are rose, orchid and mango blossom; base notes are cashmere musk, mahogany and white chocolate.

Here are the giveaway rules you need for the competition:

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  3. Retweet this post here.
  4. Leave me a comment telling me how to make your perfume stay on for longer.
  5. Don’t forget to include your Twitter name (very important) so I know how to find you.

This giveaway will run for 2 weeks; it will end 9th September at 10pm. It is open to all readers worldwide. The winner will be choosen at random and announced on Twitter, so keep your eyes open. Also please keep your answers as personal and honest as possible. I know people wear fragrances differently, and there are ways of making your fragrance stay on for longer, so I will like to hear your thoughts.

Thanks for entering and good luck.


172 responses

  1. All done Stella. Thank you! My tip is spray your perfume on both wrists. Do not rub your wrists together as used to be the normal.

    Doing that means you break the perfume up and it wont last as long. A spray only on each inner wrist means your perfume will last longer

  2. Twitter name – @Angiereviews
    My tip is to rub vaseline onto pulse points such as your wrists and neck as this seems to grip the fragrance for a little longer

  3. I moisturise first then spray my perfume on. Also I add a squirt to my coat or a scarf so I always get a lovely waft of it through the day <3
    twitter: @shells_twits

  4. I always spritz al little bit into my hair , makes the smell linger longer. great competition, ive retweeted for you. user name gouldmarieann

  5. Spray individual pulse points and dont rub your wrists together. Spray behind the ears and knees too. It really does help!
    @LeeanneClifford on twitter

  6. I make my fragrance last longer by spraying it on the inside of the elbows and behind the knees where it is warmer and can diffuse the fragrance better.

    Twitter: @cocoa36heart

  7. You can rub Vaseline on your pulse points before spraying your perfume to make the scent last longer. @Isis1981uk

  8. When I wear perfume, I always put a few little dabs of vaseline onto my wrists, neck and chest, then spray the perfume and let it set. πŸ™‚


  9. All done spray a mist and thrust my face in for a spread then bit on each wrist so its waving round on your arms, @norwichtony on twitter avmartin30 on the other one

  10. I have followed and retweeted as requested- I make my perfume stay on longer by applying to the pulse points @styles5433

  11. I spray some on to my clothes and coat. The perfume stays on them longer πŸ˜€ (twitter user name: @williamsgwynfa) thank you x

  12. My daughter and I never go out of the house without a little tin of Vaseline each in our bags. It is so versatile – you can use it for dry chapped lips in the winter time and to put on insect bites and to soothe sunburn in the summer πŸ˜€ – twitter user name: @williamsgwynfa

  13. To make perfume last longer I spray on my wrists, don’t rub together and on my neck and as I often wear scarves as accessories a little spray on there certainly lingers for a long time Twitter handle @cillastubbs

  14. To make perfume last longer, I put it on without clothes first, spray my wrists and swipe up my arms by rubbing each wrist together…the immediate waft up my nose is good! Then I put my top on and spray my neck and down my top once. If I am going out somewhere special or for a longer time I’d spray my clothes lightly up and down from a little distance too. The scent lingers longer and when I move around it seems to release from my clothes or scarf. People stood near me e.g. a shop queue often say “oh there’s a nice smell around here!” I like that 😊 @lottielouyellow

  15. I spray on my wrist then rub together then on my neck it also tends to last longer if I’m wearing a high top or scarf xx

  16. I layer my scent up so often have the body lotion and shower gel to match. By layering the scent, it stays on longer. @2668looby

  17. I always spray a little a cross my hair as this keeps the scent smelling fresh for longer (micki Whyte @bubblescoolcat )

  18. If I have the matching body lotion I put that on first after a shower and let it soak in while I do my makeup. Then I spray across my hair and around my neck. @CrystalFez

  19. Never mastered the art of perfume staying on longer so if in doubt have another squirt. πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ hazydayz72 πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ

  20. Put your perfume on your pulse points or where you most likely sweat. Put vaseline on before you spritz perfume on it xo

    Followed you; Twitter @lilmonster2013 Instagram; littlemonsterchrissy


  21. Whenever possible I use a matching body lotion first, then spray on top of it. In colder weather I put a tiny spray on my scarf, too. @antooshki

  22. I am not sure I know the answer to that one except that if a bit of the perfume goes on to my clothes (i.e. collar) it seems to last longer. Twitter: @antheajholloway

  23. Try Moisturise your arms first then apply the perfume it will help the scent soak in and last longer πŸ™‚
    Have tweeted @Highlandgirl
    Goodluck everyone πŸ™‚

  24. I spray my neck and wrists when I have dried off after my shower, then give another spray on my neck and clothes a bit later. Someone else also mentioned scarves – these tend to smell of my perfume as well πŸ™‚

  25. Storing the perfume in cool dry places helps, as does moisturising before applying (make sure it is a perfume free moisturiser).

  26. I spray the perfume on my clothes to last longer. It really works for me.
    Twitter follower: @amyorvin and retweeted
    Instagram follower as @amyorvin

  27. @purplepansyem To make your perfume last longer, spray on your pulse points and don’t rub as this bruises the scent. Exfoliating before hand can also help and I spray in layers, leaving 10 minutes between sprays.

  28. Hi
    I apply the matching body cream and this makes my perfume last longer.
    Also buy eau de parfum as this stays on all day. No need to keep reapplying your fragrance.

  29. Apply a little Vaseline (petroleum jelly) before spraying and it will last for hours! My Twitter is @SandifordTamsi1

  30. I like to give a couple of good squirts into the air, as a cloud and walk into it. That way I’m sure to be covered all day long. @UKcydonia

  31. I spray on to the back of my neck which leaves a wafting scent wherever I walk and spray onto my chest and pulse points (don’t rub as it dulls the scent). Twitter name @SammyFairman

  32. Apply to pulse points because the heat from the blood helps as perfume is influenced by heat πŸ™‚ @TheBouncyFrog

  33. I follow a trick I saw in an episode of Friends years ago – I spray and then walk into the spray. Thank you Pheobe Buffay! Twitter : JLCon1985

  34. I don’t have a specific way , I just try and avoid purchasing au de toilette rather than au de parfume. Used to make the mistake of buying au de toilette before without realising

  35. I have been told to spray the back of your neck or backs of your knees to prevent your nose from getting used to your perfume

  36. Woops I totally answered on your tweet lol applying vaseline before perfume keeps the perfume smelling longer. Lightly dabbing after spraying lasts longer too, not harsh though or you will remove the top notes. Good luck everyone, I wish you loads of luck in the competition xx @xxKimxClarkxx

  37. I shower first, then use a body moisturiser before perfume as it really helps hold the scent for longer. Also I bought a couple of perfume atomisers which are brilliant! They cost about Β£8 each, I can just fill them with my favourite perfume and easily carry them in my bag as they are small. Great for weekends away too, better than packing a huge 50/100ml bottle πŸ™‚
    Twitter: @JustinaHowells

  38. I just spray on inside of my elbows,behind my knees and also on my wrist but don’t rub. I just buy good quality perfumes which lasts for longer!

  39. I have rather sensitive skin, so when I know which outfit I am going to wear, I spray the perfume on the back of it. With it being material, it absorbs, and the fragrance seems to last longer πŸ™‚

  40. As well as pulse points I spray my hair and clothes. People often say ” Ooh you smell nice, what perfume are you wearing?” Even when I think it must have worn off.

  41. I find if I wear the body lotion or use the soap, the smell lingers more. Always spray behind the ears as this is the bit people come into contact with most and when buying perfume always immerse yourself in the shop freebie as I am sure their sample bottles are far stronger.

  42. I rub a small amount of vaseline on before I spray my perfume which makes it last much longer. My username is @Sweetcraftiness

  43. I spray and then rub with a touch of water. I also spray it on my clothes. I find this combination makes the perfume smell last all day!

  44. I vary perfume that I use from time to time. As apparently we initially smell scent / aroma and as we become accustomed to it become less aware of it. So I tend to buy a small box of a variety of nice / good perfumes, to allow me to vary perfume from time to time.

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