Giveaway: Elizabeth Arden Provocative Interlude EDP Spray 100ml

Elizabeth Arden Interlude Image


I know I have been quite silent on the giveaways category on the blog for this month, but that is because Fashion and Style Police turns 4 in October (yayyy), and I have been so busy sorting out fab giveaways ready to celebrate. So keep your eyes peeled. I promise the gifts will be worth the wait.

This month, I am giving away this sweet-smelling Elizabeth Arden Provocative Interlude EDP Spray 100ml, worth Β£35. I have been a huge fan of Elizabeth Arden perfumes, and products in general, since I was a little girl. I have used almost all the fragrances by the brand, and the ones I am yet to use, I can’t wait to use them. I am a huge fan, can you tell?

Let me tell you a bit more about this amazing fragrance:

Β  This Oriental Vanilla fragrance by Elizabeth Arden, for women was launched in 2006. Provocative Interlude was created by. Carlos Benaim and Loc Dong. The top notes are fruits, champagne and guava; middle notes are rose, orchid and mango blossom; base notes are cashmere musk, mahogany and white chocolate.

Here are the giveaway rules you need for the competition:

  1. Follow me on Twitter.
  2. Follow me on Instagram
  3. Retweet this post here.
  4. Leave me a comment telling me how to make your perfume stay on for longer.
  5. Don’t forget to include your Twitter name (very important) so I know how to find you.

This giveaway will run for 2 weeks; it will end 9th September at 10pm. It is open to all readers worldwide. The winner will be choosen at random and announced on Twitter, so keep your eyes open. Also please keep your answers as personal and honest as possible. I know people wear fragrances differently, and there are ways of making your fragrance stay on for longer, so I will like to hear your thoughts.

Thanks for entering and good luck.



171 responses

  1. I just spray on inside of my elbows,behind my knees and also on my wrist but don’t rub. I just buy good quality perfumes which lasts for longer!

  2. I have rather sensitive skin, so when I know which outfit I am going to wear, I spray the perfume on the back of it. With it being material, it absorbs, and the fragrance seems to last longer πŸ™‚

  3. As well as pulse points I spray my hair and clothes. People often say ” Ooh you smell nice, what perfume are you wearing?” Even when I think it must have worn off.

  4. I find if I wear the body lotion or use the soap, the smell lingers more. Always spray behind the ears as this is the bit people come into contact with most and when buying perfume always immerse yourself in the shop freebie as I am sure their sample bottles are far stronger.

  5. I rub a small amount of vaseline on before I spray my perfume which makes it last much longer. My username is @Sweetcraftiness

  6. I spray and then rub with a touch of water. I also spray it on my clothes. I find this combination makes the perfume smell last all day!

  7. I vary perfume that I use from time to time. As apparently we initially smell scent / aroma and as we become accustomed to it become less aware of it. So I tend to buy a small box of a variety of nice / good perfumes, to allow me to vary perfume from time to time.

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