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The older I get, the more I start to think about the environment, and how to consume less energy. Back in the days, I use to just go with the flow, but I am happy to say I am now wiser, and I now think twice about how my fashion choices affect the environment. The ethical fashion way is the way to go. Here are 3 ways I consider the environment, as far as fashion life is concerned:


I wash at 30 degrees

I wash all our clothes at 30 degrees. Washing at 30 degrees saves 40% of energy, and my clothes come out looking clean and fresh, so it is a win-win for me. Plus, my clothes last longer when I wash with no so hot water. This greener option is good for my wardrobe, wallet and the environment.


No tumble drying

I was at  party the other day, having a conversation with some ladies, and 1 of them complained about not being allowed to use a tumble dryer, while holidaying at a friend’s place, and I realised so many people still tumble dry their clothing, and I think it is so crazy. Apart from the fact that a tumble dryer consumes a lot of energy, it damages clothes most of the time – they shrink and look funny. The sun and wind do a far better job at drying your clothes, or you could just pop the damp clothes on a rail indoors, with a window open and leave it for a few hours.

I honestly cannot remember the last time I used a tumble dryer. I have lost far too many clothes using that. A long spin and popping the damp clothes on a rail does the job for me most of the time.


Give back

I donate my old clothes and accessories to charities quite regularly. I try to do a clear out at the end of each season, so I decide on what to keep for the next season, and what to give away. I also sell fairly used clothes and accessories on eBay. It is my own way of giving back to those in need and saving the environment. Speaking of eBay, I haven’t had the time to list anything on the website, and I have many things that need to be sold. I am hoping to get back into it when I get less busy.


These are some of the ways I consider the environment when it comes to my fashion life. What are your thoughts? Do you do any of these?

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  1. I love this post and I am on totally the same page as there are so many better decisions we can be making when it comes to clothes! Thanks for (another) great post xx

  2. I definitely agree that’s it’s great to do all these! We got rid of our dryer years ago so we’ve always dried our clothes outside on the line or just generally around the house. There’s no need for a tumble dryer!

  3. I wish I could dry my clothes without a tumble dryer but I live in a very small, damp flat and have no outside space. I definitely think it’s important to do it if you can though!

  4. Those are all great initiatives. These days I try to waste/use less plastic bags and run less baths so I waste less water 🙂

  5. I wash at 30 degrees and give clothes to charity once a month but I must admit I’m guilty of using the tumble dryer quite often x

  6. I so agree with the use of the tumble dryer, although admittedly we use it when the weather is really bad since my husband doesn’t like seeing clothes flung about. I prefer hanging clothes out in the garden! Now if only the weather always allowed that, I’d be a happy bunny!

  7. Great post! I think its really easy to forget these points but always great to remember them!!! We have been making the most of the summer drying all of our clothes outdoors! And I always clear iut my old clothes and ive them to the needy/charity shops its something I’ve always thought is very important!

  8. Yes we are the same. The last dryer I had was in the 90’s when it was considered chic to have one. With 4 youngsters I needed it. I thought I did anyway. After leaving the ex and starting again a dryer wasn’t top of my list. I have never had one since.

    Before the youngsters left home (bar one who left and came back and is now part of the furnishing) they used to moan at me to get another. The answer was always no. I knew what they would do and they would put odd pieces of clothing in they wanted quickly. No way. Uneconomical and not eco either.

    We made a rail for the spare room when there was 1 free, hanging the clothes on that with coat hangers meant alot of stuff could go straight to wardrobe (4 youngsters put me off ironing unless necessary)

    The GCH in the cooler days works well for drying them on radiators as well as them hanging on a rail. Windows open as you say if the weather is not good, on rails too as you say.

    Totally agree with what you say. Same here re clothing if it isn’t worth selling on EBay I donate it to charity

  9. I do tumble dry everything because we just haven’t got the space or the right situation to hang clothes. But I definitely prefer to hang them. Hopefully when we move I can start to hang them outside again. I think it gives a better fresher smell as well. x

  10. I do all of those things, too, but my biggest crime is buying from the big fashion chains that don’t use ethically sourced or fabricated clothing. I’ve started to look out that if buying from H&M it is from their “conscious” line, or brands that have proven track records of not using child labour, but we also need to remember how brands like Zara rip off other (smaller) designers, so I try to go to the source if I know they’re “borrowing” from someone else. A little goes a long way, and you’ll have in the back of your mind that you’ve done something good.

  11. Great ideas! I try to go all natural, organic, and/or vegan with my makeup and body products! I have a whole pinterest board dedicated to these products! Also, shopping thrift for clothing is the way to go! Please check out my fashion blog and follow my fashion Pinterest profile!

  12. Great post! I am a young girl and I never thought about how the fashion impacts the environment till last week. I saw the ”True cost”. It is the fashion industry and the impacts that is having on society and environment.
    If you have not watch it, I totally recommend it to you!
    I do the three of this but after watching the documentary I would love to do more, just because I did not knew the impact that this industry that we all love has.

    I am new blogger, practically I just started today.. and I would love some feedback from you if you have time!

    cheers! Looking forward to read more!

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  14. That is a great thing to do! I do that too. And purchase clothes at a lot of charity stores too. What is greater is being able to make and design greater things out of it. Would you check out my blog? You might be interested in it!

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