Giveaway – Rimmel London Super Gel Beach Ready Collection

Hey peeps. Happy Wednesday! I have another giveaway for the beauty lovers who like to have their nails looking beautiful.

I am giving away this 6 nail polishes worth £36 (Six Step 1 polishes, and One Step 2 polish), from the Rimmel London Super Gel Beach Ready Collection to one lucky winner.

Rimmel London Super Gel Image copy

Rimmel London Image copy

This Super Gel Beach Ready Collection by Rimmel London, is the truth!  As a busy mum, I never have the time or the desire to go get my nails done professionally. So this collection speaks to me. I like the fact that I can get my nails looking as good as they would if I went over to the nail studio to get it done, and I am sure many would too.

Check out the product description below –

Rimmel’s first ever 2- step Super Gel nail polish for superior colour and shine that lasts for up to 14 days. Easy to apply, it dries like a regular nail polish, no UV lamps needed.

Super Gel has a patented Gel Colour System that uses natural light curing technology to deliver high-shine nails in the comfort of your own home.

How to use

Apply two coats of brilliant Super Gel colour using the ultra-accurate precision brush for a streak-free, one-stroke application.

The built-in base coat means there’s no need to prep nails to achieve a salon-perfect finish.

Apply Super Gel Top Coat to on top of Super Gel Colour to activate the self-curing process – natural light does the rest.

Nails are given an incredible shine and a super-smooth durable gel finish that covers any nail imperfections.

Here are the rules of the giveaway –

  1. Follow me on Twitter and Instagram if you haven’t already.
  2. RT this post and like this photo on Instagram. Leaving a comment is an added plus but not compulsory.
  3. Leave your Twitter name and why you want to win this giveaway in the comments section below.

This giveaway ends on 25th May at 10pm. The winner will be selected randomly and will be contacted on Twitter within 24 hours of the giveaway ending. If the winner does not respond within 48 hours of being contacted, another winner will be selected.

The giveaway is open to UK residents only, and you have to be 18 years and above.

I have another giveaway ending today, it is for beauty lovers as well, and it is a MAC product, so go have a look if you like.

Good luck to everyone.

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73 responses

  1. @kefkat12

    I am not a big nail polish wearer however our daughter in law is so this would be lovely to gift her.

    Our eldest and her are expecting our 2nd Grandchild and there 1st baby in August so I reckon she more than deserves a treat.

    She is a lovely girl whom we adore. Our eldest and her are so well suited its unbelievable.

    Thank you for running a lovely giveaway as alwaus Stella

  2. @ApolloFaybe on Twitter. I’d love to win as I haven’t treated myself to some nail varnishes for years, most of mine are all gloopy, lol.

  3. @ApolloFaybe on Twitter. I’d love to win because I haven’t treated myself to any varnishes for years. Most of mine are all gloopy, lol

  4. Love the colors! I have a similar collection from Revlon so I would love to try Rimmel’s version. I’m the same way, I want to havve pretty nails that’ll last, but don’t have the time to get them professionally done. Great Post xx

  5. Wow, these nail polishes sound amazing! 14 days of great nails!! I’ve recently got back into painting my nails and find that the paint starts to chip by day 3. I’d love my nail colour to last longer and not have to pay to get them done (plus who has time to sit in a nail salon?) These sounds perfect for me 🙂 Fingers crossed!!!

    Twitter: @sandeepbeep

  6. I’ve never had time to go get my nails done, so try to find time to do them myself at home. I’d love to win because my colours are all old and gloopy, would be nice to have something new for my sisters wedding @alicedixon1993

  7. My twitter name is @dilberdervish My instagram name is @cypmarley I would love to win this amazing prize as I would love to try the different colours which I don’t own.

  8. I would love to win this to treat my sister as it’s her birthday coming up and she would love them! Such lovely colours (@Webkinny on twitter and Webkin1979 on insta)

  9. I would love to win as have just stopped biting my nails after nibbling them for 20 plus years!! They are lovely and long now and really want to show them off in pretty colours <3 amandaa5449

  10. @Harrowbybracken
    I would love to wear them on our summer holidays and share them with my daughters, 13 and 10 who are just learning the fun of painted nails!

  11. @mandiedeacon
    I would love to win as I’ve just lost a stone in weight and just need to get the rest of me Beach ready

  12. I am @beachrambler on Twitter. I’d love to win so I could give them to my daughter who will shortly be job hunting and will want her nails to look perfect without having to spend a fortune on them. Thank you for a lovely giveaway.

  13. @capodemonte I have been wanting to try gel polishes for ages. But not got round to buying any. I want to compare them against normal nail polishes. These colours are lovely and bright for the summer

  14. Thanks! great giveaway! Would love to win for my new daughter-in-law Hyunsun who loves anything nail related, and is just settling in to her new life in the UK! Would be a nice treat for her!

  15. Perfect for myself and my 2 neices to PERFECT our nail skills during the summer hols
    I’ve been teaching them how to apply nail polishes and they eould adore your wonderful collection
    Provably have none left!!!

  16. @dartzie62 I would love to win this for my daughter, she recently got some bad news about her eye sight and this would be a lovely cheering up present for her. It is something I couldnt afford so it would be nice to give her something she deserves for being a fab daughter, a friend and much more.

  17. @hansonkell19 I’d like to win for my friend who has just had a baby and could do with a bit of pampering.

  18. @TheBouncyFrog I would love to win this because I am starting to experiment a lot more with nail varnish and I’d love to expand my collection 🙂

  19. @DavuraLw – I don’t have the time or money to get my nails done professionally so would be fantastic to be able to get a salon look from the comfort of my own home x

  20. These look great. I like getting Gel Naiks but it’s not always convenient to go and get them changed all the time and not so good for your nails to leave it on continuously. You have more choice with colours when you do them yourself and they won’t chop straight away like regular vanish. They sound fantastic 😊

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  22. @krazykazza – I want to win as these colours look amazing and would be fab for me as like you I don’t get to salon for my nails so this summer I would look fab with snazzy nails lol

  23. twitter: @pintsized_21 i would love to win as i love experimenting with all different colours and these colours are gorgeous for summer!

  24. @nataliegillham I would love to win these for my daughter as a gift for her 21st Birthday as she loves painting her nails x

  25. I would love to win as most of my nail varnishes are old and have gone a bit tacky, new fresh colours would be wonderful … thank you … @Michieptak

  26. @jayne876 I would love to win as I love the vibrant colours and Rimmel is such a good brand, all mine are cheap ones and they chip really easily .x

  27. @winningaway. I would love to win as it is my twin daughter’s birthday on 13th of June and these would make fantastic extra pressies for them. Thanks!

  28. @winningaway. I would love to win as it is my twin daughter’s sixteenth birthday on 13th June and these would make fantastic extra pressies! Thanks!

  29. I don’t have any decent nail varnish at the moment and these colours are lovely – @purplepansyem

  30. I’m really trying to find long lasting nail colours. I’ve tried so many and these colours are so perfect for summer

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