A Ruby Jewellery Wishlist

Like most women, I love my jewellery. I won’t say I am a huge jewellery lover, but when I do shop for jewellery, I like to go for quality over quantity. I like to spend a tiny bit more to ensure I buy what would last me for years to come. I see jewellery as an investment.

I recently got a huge jewellery box from a high street store some days, and I am loving the huge space I now have for storing my jewellery. It feels good to have them stored properly, and all in one place. There is no point in spending some much money on jewellery, only to have them stored wrongly right?

I have been lusting after some amazing looking jewellery on the Diamond Treats website for some days now, and I am truly spoilt for choice. For those who don’t know, Diamond Treats is an online jewellery retail store by Satyan Jewellers, established since 1982, and they stock some of the most pretty jewellery I have ever seen.


I have been lusting after some many of the jewellery on the website, but here are a few that have really caught my eye –

 0.14ct Ruby Earrings with Diamond Halo 9K Yellow Gold


Jewellery Image

I love these beautiful red ruby and diamond ear studs a lot. They feature stunning cut diamonds, that are delicately set to complement the featured red ruby, and are crafted in 9K yellow gold.
The size of these Ruby Earrings caught my eye. I like them small and delicate, exactly like these. I think they would sit pretty on my ears. I also like the fact that they come in 9K Yellow gold. That screams quality!
0.12ct Ruby Stud Earrings with Diamond Halo 9K Yellow Gold
Earrings Image
These Ruby Stud Earrings with Diamond Halo in 9K Gold is a beauty to behold. They feature brilliant cut diamonds, delicately set to complement the featured red ruby.
I think these earrings are really pretty. I love the shape of them. They look would be a great addition to my jewellery box.
0.45ct Ruby Pendant Necklace 0.05ct Diamond 9K White Gold



This Red Ruby Pendant Necklace in 9K White Gold is so lovely. The diamond pendant features a pear shaped ruby, which is perfectly complimented by the surrounding diamonds, and a beautiful mirror trace chain.
I love how glamorous this Ruby Pendant looks. I can clearly see myself grabbing this once I get the opportunity. It would be a great accessory to have and to cherish.
0.40ct Ruby Pendant Necklace 0.07ct Diamond 18K Yellow Gold
Ruby Pendant Necklace Image
So I saved the best for last with this elegant Ruby Pendant Necklace in 18K Yellow Gold. It features a round ruby which is beautifully complimented by the surrounding ring of diamonds, and a stunning gold mirror trace chain.
I really like this Ruby Pendant Necklace. It is so beautiful in a simple way.
If I had an unlimited bank balance, I would definitely grab all these and more. I love my jewellery and my jewellery loves me right back.
What do you think of these delicate beauties? Which is your favourite?
*Collaborative post.

115 responses

  1. I love all the jewelries, they are beautiful especially the pendants. Don’t mind any of them but my favourite is the last one, the yellow gold. It is lovely.

  2. It is lovely to see Rubies in such lovely pieces. I feel Rubies get forgotten about a little, but I adore them. I absolutely love the second pendant. So pretty.

  3. Oooooh, i don’t know what the tradition is but I want one of these for my 5th year wedding anniversary! They are all sooo pretty. I have never considered ruby studded jewelry but these are just too beautiful

  4. Rubies are so vibrant yet deep and intense. I would love some more jewellery, I prefer white gold or silver

  5. As a general matter, men should know that accessories and quality jewels are a woman’s best friends. In addition, they should know more about the stones before buying them. The amber for example, is a beautiful gem that originated thousands of years ago from the Baltic. It is an organic gem and it usually comes in different shades….

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