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I saw the Netflix Documentary – The Story of Diana, some weeks ago. It reminded me why the whole world fell helplessly in love with Princess Diana. She was a rare gem, that touched so many lives all over the world. This documentary marked the 20 years anniversary of her death and I can’t believe it has been that long already. I remember watching her burial on TV at a hairdressing salon when I was about 10 years old, and how the whole world stood still on that day.


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I learned a lot from documentary about her personal life, marriage and how she moved on after the marriage. 20 years ago is a long time. I guess I was to young to make sense of what I read in the tabloids. I found the part of the breakdown of her parents’ marriage very sad, so I can imagine how she must have felt then. To be fair, I found the whole documentary sad but I am glad it is on Netflix, so those of us who were too young to understand what was going on back them, can have a good idea now.

The Story of Diana Documentary triggered this beauty muse post. The princess was indeed a beauty, both inside and out.


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There was something so personal about the Princess Diana’s look. It is hard to place a finger on it, but I believe she was the whole package. She had the height, the figure, the beautiful face and her hairstyle was hair goals back in the day. I also loved the fact that she wore very light makeup, and still looked phenomenal.

If you are yet to watch the The Story of Diana documentary on Netflix, I urge you to go watch it. It is a 2 part series and shows real life interview clips, footage and so on. Definitely worth a watch.

Do leave a comment with your thoughts if you have watched the documentary. Also, what do you think of Princess Diana as a beauty muse?


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  1. Loved her then: too young and too heartbreaking her death. It wasn’t just London covered in flowers and people. It was the same all over the country. The day after her death I went with my late Mom and 4 children to York Minster where we live to lay flowers. The whole of the front and down the aisle were already covered in flowers. I cried for most of the week. On the Saturday of her funeral I didn’t cry one tear until they took her through the gates of Althorpe. Then I knew it was real and we had to let her go.

    Her death nearly bought the monarchy to it’s knees. If it wasn’t for the children Wills and Harry I doubt the monarchy would have survived. I have mellowed where the monarchy has been concerned over the years. Diana was used as a breeding machine. However at that time things were very different, in the understanding of the world.

    Camilla is making a major mistake I think. While she has always kept a dignified silence her book is due to be released next month for her 70th birthday. In the wake of Diana 20th anniversary of her death, I think she is going to get a public backlash. Even without her death there would be a public backlash.

    One of the reasons Diana was also seen as the people’s Princess was because she was emotionally abused, from childhood throughout her life. Whilst she had her fragilities and wasn’t perfect, as none of us are, people loved her because of the whole package, with her flaws too. No there was times in the background her emotional health meant she didn’t behave as well as she could of, however it was small wonder.

    It was the vulnerabilities which were also her strengths that made her so beautiful in and out. She truly was a 1 off

    • I agree. I believe people fell in love with Diana’s whole package, flaws and all. I didn’t know about Camilla’s book. That would be interesting to read, to see things from her perspective. I am surprised they are letting her do that..

  2. I completely agree. She was truly a rare gem. I do wish they would leave her boys alone now though. Enough is enough

  3. I loved her. I was 19 when she died and remember the news coming through like it was yesterday. I haven’t seen the documentary but thanks for pointing it out as I’ll make a point of watching it now.

  4. I remember the day like it was yesterday not 20 years ago, playing in the backyard when it was announced on radio and the country {Zambia} just stopped that day, we cried because she was the world’s princess her loss was huge. She was a beauty in everything. I am still not ready to watch the documentary though, need more dutch courage.

  5. I’m not really a fan of the royals – the Diana thing I don’t understand at all, and her death is a fantastic study in the concept of civil religion. John Bellah had some interesting theories around civil religion which really resonate with the Diana thing

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