Organizing your Wardrobe this Autumn

Autumn is here pretty much here. So that means it is time to get the warm clothing out in time for the chilly season. Organizing your wardrobe this autumn is a must for me. It is the only way I think straight, as far as style is concerned.

Here are a few tips you may find useful if you are planning on preparing your wardrobe for new chilly season.


Have a Clear Out

I like to have a good wardrobe clear out after every season. The clear out session is always very ruthless. I lay all I have on my bed and take decide on what stays and what goes. This allows me to take a good look at my wardrobe, so I have a good idea of what clothing and accessories I do have. It also allows me to see the pieces I don’t like or that no longer fit. Having a clear out allows me get rid of the items that need to go, which will in turn creates room for items I do need.

Apart from how much the clear out helps my personal style, I also find them very therapeutic. Living a clutter-free life is so good for the state of mind.




Organising the wardrobe for autumn image




Once the clear out is done, old season’s clothing and accessories go into storage in our mini attic. It is currently impossible to have all my clothing in my wardrobe, so storage makes my life a lot easier.


Fill up the Gaps

Once the clear out is done, and the excess is kept in storage, there are usually gaps in my wardrobe that need filling. So I usually get a few pieces and accessories here and there. I always ensure I shop smart in order for my clothes to work hard for me.



Autumn Fashion Image



Arrange the Clothes in Order

I like to arrange my clothes in order. So for autumn/winter, I would have jumpers and sweaters in a section, cardigans and shawls in another section, and it goes like that. Having my clothes in order allows me to see what I have and decide on what I want to wear quickly. Having a disorganised wardrobe gives me a migraine.


How are you organizing your wardrobe for autumn/winter season? Is your wardrobe in order? Please drop your comments in the comments section below.

Thanks for reading and have a lovely day.




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  1. Like you I am a minimilist: I like to beable to see what is in my wardrobe and have a 6-12 month rule, apart from a couple of expensive pieces including the little black dress.

    I don’t though have a spring/summer and autumn/winter wardrobe. I keep all my clothing in my wardrobes/drawers as I am just as likely to wear sleeveless tops in the winter as in the summer wearing a cardigàn for example with it

    Great.posy Stella

  2. I always do the same after every season – at first I don’t want to part with anything, then once I get going I end up filling up like 4 garbage bags for donation! The best part is that then my husband can’t yell at me for buying new pieces 😉

  3. I also like to keep my wardrobe in order so I have all my dresses together and all my skirts etc. Unfortunately I dont have enough clothes to put some in storage and I tend to wear the same clothes in winter as summer just with added layers!

  4. Oh well, I really love the idea of organizing anything.. from a small to big things. I am addicted to make things in order. Thanks for additional tips and idea.

  5. I live in Miami so we don’t really see the seasons change, except when there’s a cold front around Dec or Jan lol. But I do travel often during winter time, and have to keep most stuff in storage. I am obsessed with closet clean-outs too.

  6. I wouldn’t call myself a minimalist. However, I do like to clean out the house from time to time, and my closet is a prime location to clean out. I seem to pick up items one by one, so all of a sudden I have way more items in there than I realized. Cleaning out 2-4 times a year feels so good!

  7. I love to re-arrange my wardrobe at the beginning of the new season as it makes it really easy for me to store old clothes properly and make space for the new clothes for the season. I hate clutter and these are some awesome tips you have shared. 🙂

  8. I keep my closets organized according to clothing type so it is easier to pick and match. My daughter is a little on the OCD type because she not only organizes it according to type, but each pile is also organized into colors, dark ones below, lighter colors on top. I have to shake my head because her closet looks like a department store display shelf!

  9. Reorganizing the wardrobe when season changes is most important. Keeping back those sumnmer clothes and bringing sweaters and cardigans to shelf is important. You have provided some nice tips to re-organize.

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