Reasons to Quit Smoking

Many smokers start smoking from their teenage years, mainly due to peer pressure and got hooked. I know many smokers today, who started smoking in high school just because everyone else was smoking and they wanted to feel cool. Many years down the line, they realise the damage they are doing to their health, and try to quit smoking but find themselves struggling.

I recently came across this infographic by Aquavape, all about people’s top flavours, the percentage of people who switched from smoking cigarettes to vaping, and how many people believe it is healthier. This infographic came about as a result of a survey recently carried out by Aquavape, and I found the results very interesting.

Like I mentioned in my previous vaping posts, smoking e cigs/ e cigarettes is healthier than smoking tobacco cigarettes and it is a great way to quit smoking altogether.

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I first heard about Vaping some years ago, and I had the opportunity to review some e cigs/e cigarettes. I found the idea of vaping very interesting and useful for those struggling to quit tobacco smoking. Most smokers know the damage smoking tobacco cigarettes does to their body, but they are unable to stop for various reasons. This is where e cigarettes come in. They are a great way to help with the nicotine cravings and carry a fraction of the risk of tobacco cigarettes. So smoking e-cigarettes is a great way to quit smoking eventually, and it is even backed by the NHS Stoptober Quit Smoking Campaign for the first time this year, which is fantastic news for millions of people.


Reasons to Quit Smoking


To Improve your health

Smoking tobacco cigarettes can do a lot damage to your lungs. This damage can lead to life threatening diseases such as pneumonia, emphysema and lung cancer. The best time to stop is now. So if you are struggling to quit smoking, you should research vaping/e cigs to see if that is your best alternative.


To save money

Tobacco smoking can be very expensive. You could save around £250 a day if you were smoking a packet a day. That is money you can put to good use.


To protect your loved ones

Quitting smoking can help protect your loved ones from harmful secondhand smoke. This would reduce their risk of developing asthma, meningitis, cancer and other secondhand smoke related diseases.


To smell good

If you smoke or you know anyone that does, you would know all about the concentrated smell of cigarettes that just does not go away. It stays on their clothes, bags, shoes, anything and everything. This may sound vain but it bothers me a lot. If you are a regular reader of Fashion and Style Police, you would know all about how I like to smell good. I even a whole post on how to get rid of body odour. So you know how important good smells are to me. I guess this is also another good thing about vaping, since e cigs come in various nice smelling flavours.


Are you trying to quit smoking tobacco cigarettes? How are you finding it? Have you tried e cigarettes?


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  1. I started with peer pressure when I was younger! I stopped smoking 5 and a half years ago through vaping. I still vape. I have no intention of stopping vaping either. i do not want to go back to traditional cigarettes, so I will not risk it. I know me. It’s more a habit thing with the hand, however vaping isn’t harming anyone.

    Classed as 95% safe- the only reason it isn’t given 100% is because they won’t take the risk of saying it is 100% safe, as 20 years down the line they don’t want risk being sued. People say ”oh well, there’s been fires with them etc” Yes well there will be if people don’t take care with the product. It is like anything electrical. Treat it with respect. It will be fine if you do.

    Vaping E-Juice with any new batteries etc. over a year costs £10 a week roughly. That is the price of some of the best branded cigarettes per 20. I don’t get anyone who doesn’t want to do it

    • Yea I agree. That is why they keep saying only 95% safe, leaving room for any new information that does come up. Good you have stopped smoking.

  2. I watched my grandfather die from smoking related illness when I was 17. It was a horrible way to die and left me in no doubt about the dangers of smoking. I am thankful that my teenage son is disgusted by the smell of cigarettes so I don’t have to worry about him!

    • Oh good he is. I get so worried when I see young teens smoking on their way back from school. I wonder if their parents notice.

  3. Definitely great reasons to quit. I’m just glad that I gave up in my teens and didn’t get hooked. My dad was a heavy smoker before he passed away and I’m sure smoking was partly to do with his death.

  4. I’ve never been a smoker! I’ve noticed over the last 5 years that less and less people seem to smoke. I don’t know if that’s true or that because where you can smoke now in public is less that I don’t see it as much.

  5. I’s so glad that smoking is becoming abnormal. You rarely see people smoking cigarettes in the street anymore and I think that is because it is less socially acceptable. I still don’t agree with vaping though. I can’t see how all of those chemicals can be good for you, and if it’s not good for you, why do it anyway?

    • I think many people struggling with just quitting. They need to quit gently, which is where vaping comes in. Many can’t just go cold turkey.

  6. Being addicted to smoking is one of the worst addictions out there, I’ve got a vape but I’m actually smoking as I type this, I’m still struggling greatly to adapting to vaping, this article has given me the motivation to give it another go.

    It wasn’t peer pressure why I started – more a poor example set by older relatives – this is how they dealt with stress. All of my grandparents smoked – some quit, one died from lung cancer and my grandma continues to smoke – i live with her, so perhaps that’s why I’ve found it so hard to quit myself. My mum was an occasional smoker – she could buy a pack of cigarettes, smoke a couple and forget she’d even bought them, and my dad was a smoker – he’s had his relapses but now vapes. My fiance has fully quit smoking through vapes as well.

    I have been a smoker about 4 years now, and I’m finding it ridiculously hard. If I could go back and talk to the teenage me having a smoke on the way home from school, I’d be begging myself not to smoke and to quit before it became an addiction.

    • Happy to hear this article has given you the motivation to give quitting smoking another go. It is possible to quit and vaping does help massively as you can read from other experiences in the comments. I am sure you will get there. Good luck x

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