Are You a Slave to Fashion? Here are 6 Ways to Stop Being One This Year.

Everyone has a different view when it comes to style. Although I love all things fashion, I do not allow the never ending trends get to me. I am not a slave to fashion, technology or anything. To me, that’s the unhealthiest place to be. Being fashionable ought to be fun and creative. If you have been a slave to fashion and you want to make a switch in 2018, here are 6 ways you can do that.


Realize that fashion trends don’t last

You know how it’s like when the latest outfit gets released and it becomes really popular, but then after a few days or weeks the hype fizzles out? That’s how it is in the fashion industry.

Today one outfit is fashionable and everybody wants to wear it and the next day it gets outdated. Going after the latest fashion trends is like chasing the wind. You can never catch it. It is OK to go after trends you have an interest in but don’t get carried away with the endless stream.



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Choose only what feels comfortable

What’s fashionable is not always comfortable. Sometimes they are too tight or too revealing or too inconsistent with your personal style. Extremely fashion conscious people, most often than not, throw away comfort and focus on being trendy.

But when you think about what a terrible experience it is to dress uncomfortably for hours,  then you will know how unwise it is to compromise your comfort for being in style.


Define your own style

You are a unique being. Fashion is a medium of expression. You can define your own style that perfectly expresses your unique personality. There’s nothing like being able to choose what works best for you.

Fashion trends were created by people who followed what they believed and reflected it their own personal style. People loved it and adopted it as their own. Why not start your own trend instead of following someone else’s?


Embrace your individuality

Another way to get over being a slave to fashion is by embracing your individuality. We look up to magazines, what’s on social media and what we see on television. But the truth is that as an individual you have your own perceptions of what is fashionable.

You can be your own source of fashion ideas and inspiration. Yes, what you see in magazines, social media and television can give you inspiration but they should be used only as a means to awaken ideas that will help create your own kind of fashion trends.


Don’t be afraid to be creative

This is something that I love the most about fashion. It gives you the avenue to be creative. The combinations of outfits and layers you can come up with are endless. And most of all, mixing and matching clothes is fun. It’s something that I enjoy doing and I’m sure many do too.


Are you a slave to fashion?




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  1. No I am not, thank goodness! I buy peices I like with an eye to my wardrobe and what else it will work with. I like purchases i can dress up or doen, mix, match and accessories.

    Even my more expensive peices I look to when I buy how to change. The dress I bought for my eldest wedding 18 months ago cost £200. It’s coming our for another wedding in April. I will not be wearing the fascinator or same wrap with it. I shall change how my hair is styled too.

    Expensive or cheap I totally agree with what you say

  2. I totally understand your point of view.

    As for me, I do not have any issues with trends because I always pay attention to the ones I am yet to have in my closet that meets my style. Take for instance the pompoms. I did not really fancy anything with pompoms until Aquazurra came out with those embellished raffia sandals last year. I did not get on the pompom wagon until I laid my eyes on a Banana Republic pullover version. If I had not fallen in love with the pompom idea which was a trend, I would not have bought the sweater. Trends jumpstart my curiosity and makes me want to try new things I have an intuition that I will fall in love with because it is still somewhat in my fashion lane . I love, love pullovers so the pompom trend works for me in this case.

    Just like the points you have listed above, if a trend does not fit into my personal style which usually translates to comfortable, I will not even consider it no matter how cute. Take for instance, strapless anything. It is not my thing so I will not buy unless it affords me the opportunity to wear a sweater or tee shirt underneath without looking tacky.

    Moreover, I follow color trends more. It is good to know what Pantone is cooking and usually the colors are repeated or a shade different but just given a different name. So nothing new to really buy. Just information on how to mix.

    What about platform sneakers? No matter how cute people think those Celine or Stella McCartney versions are, they look weird and ugly to me. No matter how trendy they are I will never go near them.

    Trends does not define who I am, It keeps me informed. I am not a trend fanatic! I have got my style almost nailed down so I only use trends as a complement but I am not spending an arm and leg to make a statement either.

    Can you imagine buying something you will never wear again all in the name of fashion or blogging? Complete waste of money.

    • I agree with all you have said Sade. Trends keep us informed so we know what is out there. It should not define us. Great point.

  3. I’m not a slave to fashion. I love to pick put pieces that either no one else has and if they do I wear it differently. I don’t like wearing clothes that I’m not comfortable in. People can tell and it is a health hazard 😂😂.

  4. I’m definitely not a slave to fashion. I don’t follow trends and definitely dress for myself, and most importantly comfort. My wallet wouldn’t allow it anyway haha!

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