5 Things you need to know before getting laser hair removal treatment

I had my last session of my laser hair removal treatment last year. There were 6 sessions in total including the patch treatment. Many people have asked me about my laser hair removal experience, and some questions have been asked a few times by different people. So I thought writing a post on 5 Things you need to know before getting laser hair removal treatment would be useful.


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The laser hair removal treatment I had was on my chin. I found my chin hairs very annoying. The best option for me was to have the laser treatment, since waxing and threading were not the keeping my chin hair-free long enough. I would 100% recommend this treatment to anyone in need of it. I found it very effective. But before you go ahead, here are some things you need to know you start the treatment.


5 Things you need to know before getting laser hair removal treatment

Avoid the sun before your treatment

It is best to stay out of the sun before your treatment. You won’t be able to have the treatment done if the area has a sun burn. It is best to have the treatment done in the autumn/winter months if possible.

You should also avoid tanning beds, spray tans, tanning lotion and makeup on the area to be treated. I had to always wipe my chin area completely before the treatment to ensure there was no makeup on it.


You will need a couple of sessions

You will need a couple of sessions to achieve good results. I had 6 sessions and I know someone who had 12 sessions. The number of sessions you have depends on the area to be treated, the type of hair to be removed and many other factors.

Consistency is the way to achieve good results. So ensure you have as many treatments as needed, and at the right time too.  I went for my treatments every 4/6 weeks.


The pain is bearable

I found the pain bearable, but maybe I just have a good pain threshold. Many people I know complain about how uncomfortable it is and I agree. It is uncomfortable but not as painful as I imagined.


It is suitable on all skin types 

The laser hair removal treatment I had is suitable for all skin types. You can find out more about it being suitable for your skin type from this short YouTube video.



Do not wax or thread after treatment

You can shave, but make sure you don’t wax or thread after each treatment. Whilst having the treatment, pulling out your hair follicles through waxing and threading hinders the process.


Have you ever thought of having laser hair removal treatment? If yes, what is stopping you?


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24 responses

  1. I really want to do this, but the upfront cost is putting me off at the moment. I’m definitely going to save for it one day and do it – all over! Legs, lady parts, underarms, face! There’s somewhere near me that offers the full body package for around £2000. It’s a lot, but I spend a lot on waxing and shaving drives me mad so it will all be worth it one day 🙂

  2. I always wondered if laser hair removal would be worth it for me. Between my fear of the pain and the cost (I’m on a budget), I will be waiting for at least a few years!

  3. I have only had laser treatment done on my armpits which did have great results before but that was a while ago now. I do agree that you need to keep out of the sun, otherwise you can have a very adverse reaction which is never fun!

  4. I have a very low threshold for pain, so I would have to think long and hard whether I would go for laser hair removal. Although I think this is a more permanent solution, I still would be taking into consideration if I could afford it right now. I’ll share this post with my niece. I know she’d want to have this instead of waxing every so often.

  5. Nice tips, I’ve never been to hair treatment specially to face parts. I found it scary and painful, and its good to know that you mention the pain is bearable.

    • I found the pain bearable but some people think the pain is a lot. It really depends on your pain threshold.

  6. Oh interesting! This isn’t something I’ve had to consider – yet – because I am fair skinned and light haired. I hardly have to shave my legs. Ha! But these are all good points to consider.

  7. My ex had pretty sensitive skin and it really didn’t have any problems with the laser removal. But yes knowing you need to go through with a couple of treatments is a good thing to know.

  8. Hmmm, I don’t think I can do this. I cannot avoid sun exposure huhuhu I have young kids who have activities.

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