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As a candle lover, I always have candles in my home. Candles create this a symphony of scents, which leaves my home smelling amazing. They are also a beauty to behold, which works well as a home decor. I had the lovely opportunity of reviewing 2 personalised scented soy wax candles from Sweetness & Light Summer Range – Summer Nights and Summer Kitchen. These luxury handmade candles are made with high quality Eco Soya Wax and Essential Oils. They are perfect for both indoors and outdoors. And I am a huge fan of the brand.

All the giveaway details are below. But first, let’s find out more about the Sweetness & Light brand.


Candles Image



The Story Behind Sweetness & Light

Sweetness & Light started in 2015 while Kristie Naha-Biswas (the owner) was on maternity leave. She was in need of new ways to fill up her time and was drawn to candle making. Her love for candles created Sweetness & Light, and she has not looked back ever since.

So what makes Sweetness & Light candles unique? The luxury range of soy wax candles have been carefully selected to match memories and suit different occasions. The fact that all the candles are made from Soy wax is great, as soy wax candles have many benefits over traditional paraffin wax scented candles including soot free, non-toxic and much healthier and eco-friendly. 100% soya wax candles is much better for the environment!

Also, every Sweetness & Light candle can be personalised with a name/message which adds a very unique touch to every candle.


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My thoughts

I adore this summer candles. They are perfect! I really like the packaging with my name on the candles. It adds a unique touch for sure. The Summer Nights Citronella and Lime Scented Candle creates an uplifting atmosphere that suits the living room best. The lime smell is the stronger scent and I really like it. It reminds me of cool summer nights, and I find it really relaxing.

The Summer Kitchen Lime Basil and Mandarin Scented Candle has a lighter fresh scent which is great for warm summer days. The fragrance reminds me of the sun. Which is amazing with the current sunny weather we are having.

I love both candles, and I am looking forward to enjoying them this summer. Summer is never really complete without some candles burning in our home, and I love the ambience these candles create.


Sweetness & Light Candles ImageSummer Candle Image


Giveaway Details

Now the giveaway details. For a chance to win these personalised Sweetness & Light Summer Nights Citronella and Lime Scented Candle and Summer Kitchen Lime Basil and Mandarin Scented Candle, you need to do the following –


  1. Follow Sweetness & Light on Instagram
  2. Follow Fashion & Style Police on Instagram.
  3. Leave a comment on her stating what you like about these summer candles. Do remember to leave your Instagram name in your comment so I know how to find you.

The giveaway will run for 2 weeks, ending June 6th 10pm. It is open to UK residents only. You have to be over 18 years to take part. The winner will be randomly selected.

Good luck everyone.


*Collaborative post.


87 responses

  1. These look absolutely stunning, and i love the sound of the strong Lime in it. Best part is the personalised touch, i would love to win me these. 👍🏾💃
    IG name @sahratu

  2. I like how stylish they look, that they’re made from soy wax and that they can be personalised 🙂

  3. I love the scents and they look lovely. I love candles they would be great for my new home @Webkinny

  4. The candles are really luxurious and I love lime scents and total agree with them being perfect for the summer IG @tisay87

  5. The Scent sounds divine, they look like good quality, and I’d love to try them, my insta name is kayleighmummyof3 xxx

  6. Natural scents – inspiring – they will look great and make my home smell GORGEOUS

  7. The packaging is very delicate and love the sound of lime and mandarin – very summery @clarateddy

  8. I love the fact that they are personalised, but still look really classy. They will go lovely with our deco. I also would struggle to choose a fragrance because they are all favourites of mine

  9. I love the fact they have citronella in them – lots of little flies around at the moment and that will keep them away and any rogue ants

  10. They look lovely, I imagine they smell lovely and I like that they have three wicks @signey_caroline

  11. Fresh summer scents they just make the atmosphere feel lifted – love how stylish they look too! Instagram – Gegewiganese

  12. Nothing beats lighting a gorgeous candle in the summer evenings and they sound just perfect for that @mummynewton

  13. These look so lovely….you can see from my Instagram (@Glitter_fizz) that I 💜 candles….the Summer one would be fabulous ! 💛

  14. I love how the design on them would match any decor and room and that they can be personalised is a lovely added touch

  15. I love the lime smell it really reminds me of summer as I always sit in the garden with a tonic and lime and just breathe in that scent. @loubyloux584 on Instagram

  16. I love the fact they are soy wax, the fragrances will make my house smell amazing and the patterns on the glass will make them lovely to store things in when the candles have melted @middo44_sw

  17. I love the fact that these are natural! I won’t burn anything unless it’s a natural wax! Plus I love that these can be personalised, what a lovely touch ❤ all followed @hannahjcarroll

  18. The lime basil & mandarin sounds as it it would have a lovely fresh fragrance just right for summer evenings. @murdochirene

  19. The Citronella and Lime sounds gorgeous! I love citronella candles and oils to keep bugs away, but they can be almost medicinal in smell. so I think the addition of the lime would soften it & make it more home fragrance-y than insect repel-ly!!

  20. Love the scents – they are gorgeous candles! Look stunning and I am sure they smell stunning too!

  21. They look stylish and serene, I’d love a scent of summer in the house. My instagram is kirsteenm11.

  22. I love these soya wax candles. They are eco friendly and I find a great alternative to have in the home with my youngest daughter suffering with allergies. The smells are unique and last for hours in the home. Great product. IG @hotstepper19

  23. I am the biggest candle addict and I love the classic and elegant design and the scents sound SCENT-sational. I would love to win to make my home smell gorgeous. Thanks xxx

  24. I love the scents that have been combined…amazing for a leisurely and relaxed summer evening! @janetlynnej

  25. I love summer scents people tend not to light candles so much in summer but I love the thought of fresh scents wafting through the house (@laurajanes)

  26. I always have a lovely candle burning, as in summer its nice to have lovely scents drifting under your nose, to make it smell as fresh inside as out. 🙂

  27. I love the packaging, and also love the sound of the fragrances, they sound soooo summery! @angiemac18

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