The Benefits of Drinking Smoothies

I have recently fallen in love with drinking smoothies. And I can feel the difference already. I am not a fruit or veg lover. I struggle to get the recommended daily amounts, if any (don’t tell the kiddies). But I know I need to eat a balanced diet to be healthy. Which is why I went in search of how to get around my problem.

If you read my Father’s Day Gift Guide Post, then you would know all about this Andrew James Nutri-Fit Nutrition Extractor Blender. I have been using it for some weeks now, and I really like it. It is definitely a smart kitchen gadget to have around the house. I have made many cups of smoothies thanks to this blender.


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The Benefits of Drinking Smoothies

So for those who do not know, here are some of the main benefits of drinking smoothies –


You get your daily allowance of fruits and vegetables

Like I said, I struggle to take any fruits and vegetables on most. And I am sure many others struggle to as well. It can be hard to get the recommended amounts in our daily diets. Which is why smoothies are so helpful. You can get the recommended amounts of fruits and vegetables in smoothies easily. This would helps strengthen the immune system.


It is quick and easy

It is super quick and easy to make a smoothie. I get mine done within 5 minutes within any distractions, on most days. Making smoothies is easier and quicker than making even the easiest meals.


It improves digestion and helps with weight loss

Smoothies help improve digestion. This is great for anyone dealing with regular constipation and indigestion. Replacing a meal with a healthy smoothie can also help with weight loss.


A Banana and Strawberry Smoothie Recipe

The first smoothie I make with my blender was a Banana and Strawberry Smoothie. If you are after a delicious and straightforward smoothie recipe, you should try this. You would love the simplicity of it, and the taste too!


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4 Strawberries.

2 Bananas.

1 Teaspoon of honey.

3 Ice cubes.

A dash of soya milk.


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I really like this banana and strawberry smoothie. It has a great taste. I have made it many times already, along with other smoothie recipes. And I am forever thinking of the next smoothie to make now. It has become a good habit. It is a healthy way to live and I am prepared to carry on making smoothies.

So far, I aim to make a smoothie a day. With the warm weather, this has been an easy target so far.


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Are you a smoothie lover? What is your favourite recipe?


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  1. Like you, I’m really not a fan of fruit – though I do love veggies ☺ I find the only way I get my fruit intake is if I have smoothies, so I completely understand what you mean about falling in love with your blender hehe x

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