Fashion and Style Police is on YouTube

I have finally joined the YouTube crowd, yayyyy! I have had my YouTube account since 2012 but never posted on there until today. Video content and me have never really got on. Writing is my sweet spot and will always be. But I always played around with the idea of running a YouTube channel alongside my blog and social media platforms. I am happy I finally got around to doing this. I think it is about time I finally got out of my comfort zone and see where this new venture takes me.


Fashion and Style Police YouTube Image



Fashion and Style Police on YouTube

I will be posting videos on there as often as I can so come find me on YouTube. There are a lot of content creators on YouTube already and it is flooded with similar content. I won’t want my channel to be the same as others. So I plan to make sure I stand out in my own way. Not sure what sort of videos would be going on there yet but will keep you posted as the channel grows. Plan to just go with the flowThe channel name is Fashion and Style Police. Do follow me on there if you can. I currently have an embarrassing 0 subscribers 😃 and 7 views which comes as no surprise. I didn’t expect anyone to follow an account without videos but I would love for that to change before the end of the day. So please give me a follow. I will be following anyone who has a YouTube channel so do drop your names of your channel on here so I can find you. Would love to grow a mini YouTube Tribe! I enjoy watching loads of YouTube videos and it feels amazing to finally be part of all the fun.

Here is a link to my very first video. Come say hi!


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  1. Go gal! 💖🙂💖 Well done. I have subscribed so your not on zero anymore! Good luck with building your You Tube channel.

    I love You Tube! I don’t use it to post on. I use it to find what I need. I love finding and watching tutorials on it, of all genre’s, as well as listening to music. You tube is so versatile

  2. Girl am happy for you I just started my YouTube too it is nerve racking,but we just have to try and see where that path leads us…well done for starting

  3. Congratulations for staring a youtube channel for your blog. That is wonderful! I haven’t quite tapped on the resources of youtube, but I will do so, soon.

  4. Congratulations! Keep it up. A lot of fashion accounts are actually very active on YouTube. You might make good money there 😀

  5. Well welcome to the world of YouTUbe. Ive been on there about 18 months or so now and love it when I have time to post. My fav is just capturing outings and travel with our little boy though

  6. Congratulations to the start of your vlogging journey! We are definitely going to check your video out!

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