Are the Days of Influencer Marketing Numbered?

There has been a lot of buzz about influencer marketing over the years. What started as getting celebrities to mention brands on social media has now turned into a sophisticated marketing strategy.

Influencer marketing advanced so much that those who have made it big on social media are also considered as influencers. This is because of the large crowds they are able to pull with their engaging content online.

From YouTubers to Instagram superstars, every influencer’s marketing strength was tapped by brands (big and small) who wanted to make sure that their products and services reach their target audience.

However, influencer marketing was seen as a mere marketing strategy used to trick target audiences into thinking that their favourite stars are using particular products. Some people are more skeptical than ever when it comes to buying products because influencers use them.


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Influencer marketing is estimated to be around £8 billion industry by 2020. This by every indication shows that influencer marketing is here to stay. Here’s why:


It creates an earning potential for influencers

Without a doubt influencer marketing has turned into a means through which influencers can create their income. Although a lot of people feel that influencers can be easily bought over by big time brands, conscious influencers have shown that they only stand behind brands that they believe in.

If you’re an influencer and you have the interest of your audience at heart, you would never endorse a product that you don’t like. A lot of influencers value their audience and will not compromise their own integrity for just a few bucks.

The good news is that there are now ethical guidelines to influencer marketing that ensure that consumers are protected. The guidelines also ensure influencers don’t exploit their audience.


It makes brands relatable to their target audience

If there’s anything influencer marketing was able to achieve it’s its ability to put before consumers content that they find relatable. That’s one of the reasons why influencer marketing is so powerful.

When one sees a post on social media from their favourite influencer using a product, it makes the product instantly relatable to the person viewing the post. More often than not, it motivates them to purchase the product because they think “if he/she can use it, then so can I”.


It gets brand awareness to the exact target audience

One of the challenges brands face is getting their product and services in front of their ideal target audience.

Influencers are able to command large audiences through their content. Their audience is easily defined. This makes it easy for brands to target specific audiences through influencer marketing.


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Influencer marketing is here to stay and there is no sign of it slowing down any time soon. As influencer marketing grows in popularity, it will continue to evolve. The rules of the game are becoming more and more defined such that the interest of consumers is protected all the way. It’s definitely worth a try both for the brand and for the influencer.


What do you think of influencer marketing?





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  1. As a blogger I do work with brands a lot, I have noticed a lot of changes in the past year though. I think that it is here to stay and will continue to grow but with the rise of new bloggers / youtubers etc it will be harder to get work as there is just so many people now x

  2. I totally agree. I’ve seen influencer marketing evolve over the years and I’m happy with a lot of the newer regulations that have come into play. It can be frustrating to see influencers who are able to jump right in with big brands or others who clearly don’t love the brand they’re promoting but got paid a lot to do it, but I think there are enough good influencers out there that it’ll remain a solid industry for a long time yet.

  3. I think it has certainly changed since I first started and I have to admit I struggle to keep up with some aspects of it. I think images and video are the way forward now

  4. I’m a blogger myself and things do change all the time, it’s just the where the ‘trend’ where your readers are at th moment. In the past Facebook was the number one, but lately I’ve realised the younger Generation prefer Instagram, where more the older generation would still use Facebook. I hate that everything are just a number game these days, especially on IG where it’s like for like. That totally puts me of like me for my content dont like me so that I must like you back. I will like you in my terms. With so many people that do blogs and vlogs you have to work so much harder than ever, just to stand out.

  5. I agree to some extent. I think it may change over time…the world is always changing…several years ago there was no IG or FB etc and marketing was done predominantly via newspapers and billboards, I think in a few years the industry will.change again as society changes. I can’t say what will replace IG and these other social networks but I do believe even in the next 10 years maybe the influencers may not be as imp as they are now.

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