It Pays To Be Productive

It doesn’t matter where you are, what you’re doing, or what you should be doing should we say. It always pays to be productive. If you think about the amount of time that you spend just doing nothing, surely the days would pass by in your mind. Life is all about making the most of every moment, as our grandparents would say. But how many of us actually listen to this advice?

How many of us seize every opportunity, make the most of everything we do, and can honestly say that we’re productive? Pretty much none of us can, which is why we want to write this article. We want to show you what it means to be productive., and how you can ensure that you always are being.


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What Even Is Productivity?

So, we want to start with this first. What does it even mean to be productive? Well, let’s first tell you what it means to not be productive. What you’re doing now probably isn’t productive. You’re either at work, and reading this rather than working. Or you’re at home, reading this, and trying to find a way that you can become more productive. Whilst we aren’t trying to remove you from this article, we’re trying to point out that when you’re not doing what you’re supposed to be doing, or procrastinating as it were. \

Productivity is doing the opposite. It’s thinking to yourself, I need to get x amount of things done, and making sure that you get it done. We’re so good at giving ourselves little rewards such as thinking, ‘i’ve just done the washing up, now I deserve to sit down for the rest of the night and do nothing else that I wanted to.’ If you can get out of this mindset, your whole idea of productivity will change, and you will accomplish so much more.


How Could More Of It Benefit Us?

It could benefit you as the more you do, the more you’re able to enrich your life. We’re missing out on so many opportunities because of this procrastination we have spoken about. If you find ways to be more productive, you can actually add time back to your day. If you take out those little reward breaks you’ve been giving yourself, all of your tasks will be done so much earlier, and all of a sudden you actually have free time to do what you want at the end of the day. It will become a revelation for you, so just give it a go!

Why Does It Pay?

The more time you’re able to free up for yourself, the more you’re going to experience life. For one, your mind won’t feel as clogged with all the tasks that you have to do, and you can start thinking about things you actually want to do. It could be getting back in to reading, going to the gym, or just generally being a more involved person in life if that makes sense. If you’re self employed and learn to manage your time more, then you’ll definitely get paid more.


*Collaborative post.

22 responses

  1. I really does pay to be productive. I can see how my productivity has gone up the last few weeks by making a list of my priority tasks every day. Some, like reading and commenting on other people’s blogs, I really enjoy and find reward in itself.

    Thanks for the reminder to be productive though, as I was also trying to schedule a post and check email while doing this. One thing at a time, right?

  2. I try to make to do lists. It seems this is a great way for me to remain productive. I tend to get distracted easily. Lists help keep me on tasks. Great post!

  3. Economic theory says that the wage a worker earns, measured in units of output, equals the amount of output the worker can produce. Otherwise, competitive firms would have an incentive to alter the number of workers they hire, and these adjustments would bring wages and productivity in line.

  4. Could not agree more, productivity is such an importance to life. Sometimes it just feels so difficult to get up and do. That is where the problems comes. Stuff does not get done. Stuff piles on. Stress thus piles on haha.

  5. This is the truth. We are only given one life and a day that passed without accomplishing anything is a day wasted. We must treasure every moment given us and make the best out of it. This is not only regarding work, but also being productive in ways that we can show our family that we love them.

  6. I totally agree that yes, it really pays to be productive. Aside from the guilt, it is such a torture to have all those pending tasks on our minds. For me, being productive is the best way to have the peace of mind that everything has been taken cared of.

  7. Love this kind of articles. It really does pay off to be productive. I have recently been waking up earlier than usual. I now have more time to do the things I want to do, with out distractions,game changer! I feel less tired and get more things done through out the day.

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