Getting Organised for the Christmas Break as a Blogger

I have had a blogging break during the Christmas holidays for the last 3 years, and I am looking forward to doing just that in the next few days. Christmas comes once a year and the countdown to the big day is always really exciting. Most people are offline shopping and getting ready for the festivities. Which is why a blogging break is highly recommended. I will be posting as normal until 23rd December. You may find me publishing a blog post or 2 after Christmas, but my regular blogging schedule will commence as normal in the new year.


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I like to take time off blogging and my other freelance gigs to enjoy the holiday season with the family. Also, it is my time to reflect on how the year has been, and tidy up some of my behind the scenes job. It is so easy to just keep going, day after day, without stopping to catch your breath. The holidays force me to take time out and step away from work a bit.


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Why a blogging break is important for me


Clear my head

Taking my break to unwind with the family helps me clear my head and get ready for the new year. We all need a break everyone and again, and I find that I perform better when I am well rested. This year has been extremely busy for me, so I definitely need time off to clear my head and get recharged for 2019.


I get to have some fun

We have fun activities planned over the Christmas Break and I really can’t wait to relax and have a great time. I know the kids will have so much fun with their cousins, and it is just what we need after a very busy year.


Save my content for when it matters

The online world goes really quiet as Christmas approaches, and I know why. Everyone is running around trying to ensure they and their loved ones have a great Christmas. So it is kind of pointless publishing regular posts if no one is reading them.



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Read other blogs

When I take time off blogging, I like to read. I spend my time reading different books on my Amazon Kindle, and I also like catching up on some of my favourite blogs. Spending time off my own blog also allows me discover new blogs.


What plans do you have for the Christmas break?







17 responses

  1. My only Christmas wish this year is for my husband and my mom to be well enough for our annual Christmas family get together. It has been a challenging year, really. If and when I do take a break from blogging, the activity I indulge in is binge watching drama series. I choose short light-hearted ones, not those depressing kinds.

  2. Christmas break is when I kick blogging into full gear to prepare for the New Year! But I should probably take a break. I love the idea of clearing my head and having some fun.

  3. Reading your post just came at the perfect moment. I was supposed to take on the blogmas challenge, but damn. I just couldn’t complete it. Ugh. I feel bad, but then I have a lot on my plate, I gotta be true to myself. I couldn’t do it!

    • A break is needed every now and again, and I believe Christmas is one of the best times to take a break. Ignore Blogmas and take a break when you need it.

  4. This is my first year blogging, my first 3 months blogging actually, so I had no idea about the crazy traffic slump during the holidays. It’s so harsh! I guess rather than sending millions of new posts out into the void hoping someone would read them I should take a break to catch my breath.

  5. It is iimportant to give yourself a break every now and then. The holiday season is a great time for a break. Those are good ways to spend a break. My kids will be on break from school and I’m thinking of also taking a blogging break to enjoy the time with them.

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