Children thrive when there is a routine

The Kiddies were on holiday until this week. They had their spring break earlier this year, and were back to school this Monday. Usually during the holidays, we have a very flexible routine. There is more time to get things done, so I usually have a relaxed approach to our routine. This works okay for the first 2 days or so, and then it usually becomes really chaotic. Children thrive when there is a routine in place as they know what is expected and what needs to be done. But when there is none, things can easily get crazy, which leads to tantrums, more tantrums, use of the naughty step and over tiredness.


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The Importance of Routines

Many families still have the go with the flow approach when it comes to raising up kids and running the home. The children eat whenever, sleep whenever they decide to fall asleep and pretty much do whatever they want to do at home, with no clear set times for anything. They don’t see the importance of having a routine. Instead, they prefer to let things happen “naturally”, which usually never works in the real world.

Here are some of the reasons why having a routine for your children is really important –



Routines give children a sense of security. It also help them develop self-discipline which is a life skill we all need to prosper. I have had a routine for the twins since they were 3 months old. The routine has been tweaked here and there from time to time, as they have grown older. I can’t imagine us not having a routine. A routine helps the child feel safe and secure, which helps them handle day-to-day life better.



Having a routine offers the child structure. This helps them manage themselves and their surroundings better. I feel better when my days have some form of structure. Structured days are always very productive for me, and it works the same way for kids. Having a routine, and knowing what needs to be done, and planning towards takes away power struggles you may be experiencing with your children.



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Children learn to be more responsible and take charge of their activities when they have a routine. They know they need to lay their beds when they wake up for example, because that is the first thing they do with mum everyday. When there is a routine, you don’t need to go on and on about what needs to be done because the children know already. Children corporate better when there is a routine, which means fewer tantrums, stress and anxiety for everyone involved.


Have you experienced the power of having a routine? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.




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  1. I think the more children you have the more important it is to have a routine. I had five under 9 at one stage and could not have managed without a routine. It is probably easier with one or two.

  2. I do think that my children probably behave better when we are working to a routine but every now and then (usually when we’re on holiday) it’s nice to have a break from the routine too!

  3. They do indeed. I play my part in looking after my grandchildren as parents now have to both work. I see very much the routine again first hand.

    It always makes me smile as when my grandson gets here in the morning he heads straight for the fridge as he knows we share my Greek fave yogurt and honey together in a morning.

    Just a little thing that. Just proves they get used to routine and thrive yes. Its do much easier being a Granna though

  4. You are so on point Stella. Something to ponder on.

    I totally believe in having a routine because it does create a structure which helps them even into adulthood. But the process takes discipline and commitment which could be hard for the parents, especially working parents. I wish I can do more than I currently do in this area.

    • Yes it does take discipline and commitment, which can be tricky for many. Food for thought for sure. Thanks Sade.

  5. Mine are much better behaved if they are in a routine, I always dread any changes to it – school holidays are the worst for this

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