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I have been using this Balmonds Skincare Range for about 2 weeks now. It is a life changing skincare range with an amazing selection of products great for the skin. I will be giving away all the products listed here, but before we go into that, let me tell you a bit more about the lovely brand.


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The Story Behind the Brand

Balmonds was created by a Natalie Balmonds – mother in search of a cream that would help her daughter’s very dry and itchy skin. Natalie had tried many different creams prescribed by doctors and dermatologists, but they stung and irritated her even more. This led to her experimenting with cooking traditional ointments and salves in her kitchen. Natalie used combinations of herbs and oils to create the skincare that would work just right for daughter’s skin, and today we have Balmonds.


The Balmonds Range

I got the following Balmonds Skincare Products


Daily Moisturing Cream

Intensive Hand Cream

Skin Salvation

Intensive Facial Oil

Baby Balm


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Here are my thoughts on the skincare products


  1. These products are 99%/100% natural which is great.
  2. I love the compact packaging of the products. They are easy to store and take away on a trip. The Intensive Facial Oil comes with
  3. The Intensive Facial Oil is great on my face. I love the texture of this gentle conditioning oil. It leaves my skin supple and smooth. I use it as a daily overnight treatment and I love how my facial skin is looking.
  4. The Skin Salvation intensely moisturises the skin. It is 100% natural and it keeps the skin soft, smooth and well hydrated. It can be used to sooth a variety of skin conditions, from eczema and psoriasis, to dermatitis and rosacea.
  5. I really like the Baby Balm with hemp and lavender. It is great for my children’s skin. It can also be used as a general-purpose family ointment, which is amazing. I love having multi-purpose skincare products at home.
  6. The Daily Moisturising Cream and Intensive Hand Cream are both easily absorbed cream. I love the texture of the creams a lot. They suit my skin so well.



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Intensive facial oil Balmonds image




I can’t fault these skincare products. You can shop the range in Holland and Barrett, Ocado, and many other shops.


Giveaway Rules

I am giving away these Balmonds Skincare Products – Daily Moisturising Cream, Intensive Hand Cream, Skin Salvation, Intensive Facial Oil and Baby Balm. To take part in this giveaway, you need to do the following –

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  4. Leave a comment on here telling me which product you like the most from the range. Remember to include your Twitter name so I can find you.



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This giveaway is open to 18+ UK residents only. It will run for 2 weeks. It ends 17th May at 10pm.

Good luck everyone.


85 responses

  1. I love facial oils and would look forward to trying this especially. I have bookmarked the page to take a leisurely browse on later

    Twitter handle: @kefkat12

  2. Baby balm with hemp and lavender sounds a delight to soothe and calm
    The hand cream too – gardening season is ALREADY taking its toll on my hands


  3. The facial oil, after reading how soft and supple, it leaves your skin, would be my fave to win…find me on @TinaWoollard/tinawoollard
    Count me in, to win! ☺ xx

  4. My daughter has very dry teenage skin and had eczema as a child, so would love to win the skinsalvation for her.

  5. The Skinsalvation sounds good to me for those days when your skin need a bit extra tlc. @mellysocks

  6. I’d love to try the Intensive Hand Cream – my hands always seem to be so dry! I am @beachrambler on Twitter.

  7. I’d love to try the intensive facial oil. Can I be cheeky and say I’d like to try the daily moisturing cream for my daughter because she suffers with very dry skin too.

  8. i’d love to try the hand cream, my hands are exposed to lots of chemicals at work, and i could do with finding something to counteract the effects. @78ReasonsNotTo

  9. would love to try all these products – but especially the intensive hand cream xx
    @KimberleyMeard3 on twitter.

  10. i’d love to try the hand cream, my hands are in a right state at the moment!
    @nataliefrombtn twitter @natalielara1989 instagram

  11. The Skin Salvation, love that its 100% natural and perfect for myself and teenage son for dry patches on our arms @kazzabarbie

  12. The Balmonds Skin Salvation looks lovely. Followed both accounts (1inazillionmillion) IG, (MinistryOvTruth) Twitter!

  13. The intense hand cream as I over wash my hands and it can leave them really dry and some times sore

  14. I would love to try SkinSalvation as my skin is very dry/sensitive and get itchy. It sounds as if it could really help. @Quackerjill

  15. would love to try them all, ive had baby balm before and it was the best product that i’ve ever had.

    twitter morgannacrane5

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