Why consumers are giving up alcohol in 2019

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Alcohol is a product that is almost everywhere around the world. That means that you will find consumers drinking alcohol everywhere you go.

Sometimes, as good as the drink can be, alcohol can be very destructive. People find it to be the best way to celebrate an event, enjoy their weekend, or deal with stress, among other reasons. However, statistics prove that alcohol could be more harmful than what meets the eye.


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What makes quitting so difficult?

The terrible thing about alcohol is that it starts with a single sip. A user will then develop a habit, and before you know it, you form a pattern, which leads to severe addiction. When it gets to this part, addiction level, many people struggle to quit.

However, you can find help from various professionals. Other factors that may cause addicts to relent:


  •    They feel lonely
  •    It is their primary way of having fun
  •    Guilt, which leads to depression


If you get to a point where you require stopping this terrible habit, it is proper that revisit some of the benefits that come with a free-alcohol body. Here are some of the reasons that are causing most consumers to quit in 2019.


  1. They are focusing on becoming healthy

Alcohol is a drug, and therefore it contains toxins. These toxins are harmful to the body; hence, it would force the liver to overwork in eliminating the toxic substances out of your body.

Therefore, it means that your liver would deteriorate in the way it functions. Other body organs affected by alcohol addiction include the heart and the skin. If you are keen, you will notice that most people’s skin color changes after engaging in drinking.

Experts also say that most people tend to look younger once they learn how to stop drinking.


  1. They want to become mentally healthy

One thing that most drunkards will complain of the moment they wake up is constant headaches or a terrible hangover.

Remember, your body has been overworking itself. For that reason, your brain may not be as stable as usual. Once you quit drinking, your mind should get back in its normal state. It also assists you to focus best as well.

Understand that hangovers tend to create a craving for carbohydrates, which make it a challenge if you want to lose weight.


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  1. They want to be emotionally stable

Well, many people tend to make rash decisions when they drink. Sometimes they can end up in trouble with authorities or even losing their most precious relationships.

Those who quit drugs get a second chance at improving themselves and the people around them. You could use your sobriety as an advantage of getting back your relationship with

your loved ones. Alcohol has a way of pulling you away from the people around you.

Besides, being sober comes with numerous benefits including the ability to make conscious decisions.


  1. The need to save money

Statistics show that people use a lot of money in binge drinking. Organizing a party alone can be expensive, mainly when you include alcohol in your budget.

Take a bold step and calculate the amount of beer that you take in a year. If you do an honest evaluation, you will notice that you waste a lot of cash. Rather than spending it, you could use it to make investments or educate yourself.



Deciding to quit takes courage. If you cannot do it, look for people who will stand by your decision. They should be people who overcame the urge or loved ones who would like if you quit this habit.

Once you do that, it is proper to get help from a qualified expert.


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  1. Great post Stella which you know is at the very heart of what I do. A.A (Alcoholics Anonymous) is an ongoing aftercare as the professional services call us.

    The person needs to be around like minded people who are different states of sobriety. I am 16 and a half years sober. From the outside looking in you wouldn’t think I had a problem. I kinda functioned.

    My drinking dysfunctionally was over about 3 years. I was an evening drinking who drank after the children were all sorted. I drank on pain, stress and to fix the way I felt. Fortunately I got off the path I was on very early. I drank on the vimung to an end a very painful dysfunctional 1st marriage

    No one joins A A or goes for help from various providers cos they are having a good time with drink. It’s not a choice of life to bugar up your life. It is an accepted recognised illness by medical and government. Its classed as a mental health issue.

    There are about 8 million people in The U.K alone who are dysfunctionally drinking, be it heavily or alcoholic wise. It is a killer. The cost of alcohol abuse to the country is 23.5 billion. The cost to the NHS is 2.5 billion.

    This is A & E, more serious who are hospitalised, people do die from drinking too much. Binge drinking is one way that kills alot too as well as many others.

    Then there is police costs, arrests , courts , prisons (95% of the prison population is through alcohol and addiction) fire and ambulance services, children and adult social services and so on

    I could go on ad infinite. I wont. I’ll finish with this a horribly kept secret, though is getting better in our country, the loosely sister fellowship of Al Anon, of A.A

    It is a fellowship of men and women who are like minded for the person/s where drinking is/has caused a problem in there lives. Dysfunctional drinking also affects the lives of those around them and their mental health too.

    A.A and Al-Anon are both free resources. How why? Google them and visit the websites to get a bigger picture of whom we are.

    Alcoholics Anonymous has Al-Anon have no opinion on outside issues has a whole. I am stating my guideline on this. There are many reasons for this. Our fellowships dont work like anywhere else on and we are very upside down to the world has we know it. I am dual membership to both fellowships.

    I hope this is useful for those who are reading. It’s a ripple effect of information being, passed on, as we call it.

    Go and investigate. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Oh and our membership is made up of every age group all over the world. It is 180 countries plus with over 4500 meetings a week of A.A. Not as many per week of Al-Anon however still enough to gave and get to a few weekly meetings

  2. Great post. I noticed this week our local cricket club has opened a coffee shop in the mornings instead of an all day bar. I think it is important to find ways of socialising without alcohol.

  3. Great post! I can count on one hand the amount of times I drink in a year, it isn’t a big part of my life!

  4. Since finding out I’m pregnant I had to stop drinking suddenly and although I do miss the odd glass of wine I think it is better for my mental health and it saves so much money too!

  5. Well I’m bucking the trend … I’ve actually just started to drink alcohol having not being able to for over 14 years. I drink 2-3 glasses of red wine a week, and it’s something I really look forward to

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