3 Foundation Makeup Rules

I have been vlogging a lot about foundation makeup on our YouTube channel, and this has led to me writing this post. It is very important to get your foundation makeup right. When your foundation is applied properly, every thing else will slide on effortlessly. Your foundation is the base coat and it is designed to even out skin tone. I have mentioned in many of my beauty videos, that I hardly ever use just 1 foundation. I prefer blending in at least 2 different shades and brands of foundation, to get the right shade for my skin tone.

Here are 3 Foundation Makeup Rules you may find useful –


Get the right shade of foundation

I struggle with finding the right foundation shade, it is either too dark or too light, hardly ever perfect. Which is why I have taken to blending different shades together. If you wear the wrong shade of foundation, it will appear like a mask on your face, and it will crack, which is not a good look.


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The lighter the coverage the better

A good foundation would disguise everything from uneven skin tone and fine lines, to a tired skin and spots. I like my foundation to be as light and natural as possible. I find they easier to apply and to have on. Believe it or not, I hardly wear makeup these days, so I don’t have foundation on my face on most days. But when I do, the look I like going for is natural; I like to look like I don’t have any foundation on.


Apply your foundation makeup quickly

The trick with applying foundations is to apply it quickly within seconds before it dries out. You usually have only a couple of seconds to apply your foundation before it evaporates so time is crucial. I apply moisturiser/primer before putting on my foundation. That way I have a good base to work with. I am testing out a new makeup rule that says the concealer should go on after the primer and before the foundation. I will be shooting a video trying that makeup rule out so do subscribe to my YouTube channel so you never miss a video.



What do you think of these 3 Foundation Makeup Rules?

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  1. I certainly agree with the natural look. As I am fair skin getting the right foundation is easy for me. I always go for primer too, underneath. I still use the dermalogica primer.

    I read recently about spraying your makeup brush/es with toner before you apply your primer/foundation on as it helps it go on smoothly. Been using that tip a while now. It makes sense.

    Great post Stella. I haven’t had a chance yet to watch your vlog. I have it saved in my you tube bookmarks though for watching later

  2. I have foundation for everyday where and for when I am going out and I want to look totally glammed. I usually put my concealer on after my foundation but I don’t know much about makeup so I’m not the best person to ask HA!

  3. love this topic! every single one of them is such an important guide about foundaion. Thanks so much for sharing

  4. Great tips. I find it so hard to find the right foundation. I’ve been looking into BB creams for a lighter natural coverage.

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