How to style your pregnant body in summer

I remember how uncomfortable I felt in most of my pre-pregnancy clothing while pregnant with the twins. I had a huge bump as you can imagine with twins, and I looked the part quite quickly. When it comes to styling your pregnant body, the most important thing to have at the top of your mind is comfort. The last thing a pregnant woman needs is uncomfortable clothing or footwear, so comfort is the key when you need to style your pregnant body, especially in the summer months as it can get very warm.


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Here are six styling tips you may find useful  when it comes to styling while pregnant these summer months –


Go for layers

Layering is a great way to feel comfortable and look stylish while pregnant. Go for t-shirts or camisoles with chiffon over tops. This will keep you feeling cool and looking effortlessly chic as this look will flatter your bump. Short-sleeved cardigans and cowls are great layers that flatter the bump while keeping you warm on summer evenings.


Buy slim legged maternity jeans

Make sure you go for slim legged maternity jeans to create a more streamlined look. Wearing this type of jeans will create a balanced look as your top part would need to be free.


Wear flats

Now this is purely common sense, but I find many pregnant women in heels and I find it crazy. The last thing your feet needs is heels while pregnant. Being pregnant is a good excuse to wear your flat everywhere, including the office, so make the most of it. Go for a couple of flats in different fabrics and designs for various occasions.



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Go a size up

I never really shopped for maternity clothes while pregnant because I didn’t like most of the pieces I saw. Also, I didn’t want to invest in a maternity wardrobe and not be able to wear the clothing anymore. So instead I went a size up! My pregnancy weight was really only on my tummy so buying a size e up worked great for me.


Shop for elasticated trousers/jeans and v-neck tops

Elasticated trousers and jeans leave room to grow and are a lot more comfortable. V-neck tops and scoop-neck tops flatter the cleavage and prevent you from looking too big at the top.


Go for a bra fitting

Your boobs would grow at a terrific rate while pregnant so make sure you go for a bra fitting. Most people grow at least a cup size while pregnant so making sure you get the right bra size is very important.


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  1. Great tips. When I was still in my child bearing years, I only bought 2 maternity pants and maybe 5 tops. I didn’t go out to places that needed “dressing up” so comfy clothes were my top picks. Flats and sneakers or sandals helped me through those times.

  2. These are great tips. Not too bad at the moment with the heat but I’m sure I will start feeling it when it starts to warm up x

  3. Although I’ve never been pregnant, I could only imagine living through the summer with the heat of TWO beings! Comfort and style are a necessity. Definitely going to keep these in mind when the day comes…

  4. These are great tips to still look fashionable even when you have that huge belly. As long as the clothes are comfortable and provide proper support, then it is good. Will share these tips with friends and family who are expecting.

  5. Nice tips for the other expecting women out there.. My cousin lately gave birth but I think it goes with her personality automatic to be in style always. hehe

  6. I will definitely go for something comfortable but still chic.I love wearing flat shoes even if I am not pregnant 🙂

  7. Being pregnant is very fulfilling. Your heart have so much space for that little bundle of joy inside your tummy. It has some inconvenience that goes with it though. For me, flats and loose garments is a must have. I want to be comfortable as much as possible.

  8. What a great tips for all pregnant women. I preferred to wear a flat shoes and a loose clothes during my pregnancies, it feels more comfortable.

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