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I love trying on beauty products. It still feels amazing when I find the right product for my skin. The feeling never gets old. I have been trying my hands on these beauty products. I have received them the other day, and they have been keeping me very busy.



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This beauty product is a great little multitasking product to have around. It is great for the hair and skin. It can be use as a pre-shampoo or intensive hydrating hair treatment. This amazing oil product can also be used as a styling hair product or a facial oil. I am loving the many ways I can use the product and I am happy I have it. It is definitely a beauty product I can see myself using for many years. I love it when I can use a product in many different ways.



Hair Masque Image


If you follow me on Instagram, you would have spotted this hair masque and the Monat product above in my Instagram stories. I am forever looking for amazing haircare products, so I am very happy to have this product. It is a great Repenish Masque. I use it every 2 weeks on my hair when I am wearing my afro, and I love it. This product repairs and hydrates damaged hair, and it is working so well on mine. It is a product worth trying for sure.

You can grab this beauty product and the intensive oil product above on Monat’s Website.


Eye Majic – Instant Eyeshadow

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This Eye Majic Instant Eyeshadow is another product definitely worth trying. I have used it a few times already and I love it. It comes in various shades and in shimmer and matte textures, so there should be a shade for everyone.

You can watch my YouTube video of it below –





Tamaar London Rejuvenate- Advanced Natural Anti-Ageing Cream Complex | 30 ml


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This Tamaar London Rejuvenate- Advanced Natural Anti-Ageing Cream Complex is another great beauty product to try. It delays the visible effects of ageing and improves the skin’s natural defence system. This anti-ageing cream complex also increases Collagen 1 synthesis and preserves the skin from cell stress.

I love the sound of this product so much and looking forward to see the effects on my skin. This product promises to leave the skin looking and feeling smooth, soft and radiant. It is a great product to try if you have started to spot signs of ageing on your skin.


Footner Exfoliating Socks

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This is one of the top beauty products worth trying this summer. To get your feet ready for sandals, you need Footner. This beauty product- Footner Exfoliating Socks, promises to remove dry and hard skin on your feet naturally. All you need to do is to wear the socks for 60 minutes, and a few days later, the hard/dry skin would fall off. I am looking forward to testing it out on my tired feet.


So these are the beauty products worth trying this month. What do you think of them?




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  1. Great info…very helpful…i am just getting started in the fashion blog world , along with instagram and facebook business page…if you no of any affiliate programs that are great for beginners please let me no. Thanks Stacie

  2. All these products look great but I desperately need the footner! I’m bare feet so much this summer and my feet are gross!

  3. One of my girlfriends used monet and swears by it! I feel like my hair has been thinning so i might give it a go!

  4. These are a great list of beauty products to try. I will have to try to buy some as I need something new to try.

  5. I think I need those exfoliating socks. Well, men don’t usually use them but since age is catching up, might as well take care of our body more. I play badminton and my feet are always torn.

  6. Since I have been working from home, I don’t use make up as much as I used to. Thanks for sharing that great list, those products seem great.

  7. I definitely want to try most of these products especially the footner exfoliating socks. I am always open to trying new things and I havent treated myself in a while. Ill do additional research and decide. Great post!

  8. The rejuvinique is the only product from this list that me and my family uses. and my daughter absolutely loves it. I don’t thing she will be able to resist any of the other products listed here. thanks for the recommendations. now i have a good idea on what to buy for her bday.

  9. I know sometimes I feel lost when it comes to beauty product. Didn’t realize they had a mask for hair. But I can see anything to help with damage and wear on the hair would be a good thing. My daughter has an issue with all her curls and what happens when we comb them out all the time. I think she might want to check out the hair mask.

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