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I am passionate about mental health and I think a lot more needs to be said about it. Many of us shy from talking about any sort of mental health challenges we may be facing, and we shouldn’t. I believe talking helps, and the more we talk about our mental health, the more others will talk about theirs. Hopefully all the talking helps get rid of the stigma that is still associated with mental health issues. If you are having mental health problems and you are thinking of getting some form of help, you may feel overwhelmed with the amount of information you find. It can be tricky to decide on where to start and how to go about getting help.


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What is online therapy?

Online therapy is the provision of mental health counselling via the Internet.  Therapists use many different mediums such as apps for texting, video chatting, voice messaging and audio messaging to provide this service to their patients. Online therapy can occur in real-time, such as in phone conversations and online chat rooms. It can also occur in a time-delayed format, such as through email messages and text messages.


Why online therapy?

There are now opportunities to get in touch with therapists online, rather than the traditional way. So if the thought of meeting a therapist one on one is too much, you can now opt for having the meeting online. Millions of people opt for online therapy because it is convenient. You can speak to your therapist from the comfort of your home via your laptop or phone.

Another important reason why many people now go for online therapy is so they are not limited to only therapists in their area. They can pick a therapist from anywhere in the world and they can also get privacy as no one will see them go into an actual office. This is very important if you want to keep your treatment private.


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Is online therapy replacing traditional therapy?

I don’t believe online therapy is out to replace traditional therapy, but I think it is taking over gradually. The reason why it is starting to take over is thanks to the online based society we now live in. At the end of the day, it is opt to you to decide on what sort of therapy/counselling you need. If online counselling works better for you, then by all means go for that. I think it is great we now have options for getting help with our mental health, and it is good to know online therapy for those who prefer that. You can find a list of therapists here.


The future

Online therapy is here to stay and I am pleased this option is now available. I think it is a great way to get help/counselling. It is very convenient and accessible, and there are lots of options available. I believe it is comforting to know that we don’t have to leave the house to speak a counsellor or therapist.

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  1. I certainly agree it is an important part of life now. There are many specialist areas of therapy that are needed. I have been fortunate enough to be led to different types I have needed offline, however there are many of these which it is easier to find online.

    You can also get more in depth information through research online. I have had to fo group therapy, specialist family of origin work and CBT along with my 12 step program and connected.

    Great to see you continue covering mental health which is like so many invisible illness that are unseen

  2. I do think it’s a fantastic idea – for me, I think I would prefer a face to face situation but I’m sure loads of people would find the idea of online therapy less stressful. It’s also great for people who have busy schedules and maybe find it hard to free up time to go see a therapist.

  3. Thank you!! As a therapist that works predominantly online, I’m so happy to see the modality gaining traction. There are so many benefits to online therapy.

  4. I agree that online therapy is an amazing option for many individuals however, I fear that it can be misused. For example people may get too comfortable with the idea of convenience that if their online therapist is unavailable, they turn to another one that is. At that point, what progress is being measured or made? Imagine someone who becomes use to speaking with a therapist every single time they feel upset about something (since they easily log in and connect with a therapist), it’s as if they learn to become dependent on having them instead of guiding them to become independent. I see pros, but I also see cons. But that’s just me

  5. I agree. My only issue with it, being a therapist myself, is that each state has unique requirements for it. It would be nice if there was one universal licensure standard, but I believe this boils down to economic gains for each state.

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