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Incase you have not noticed we are currently witnessing the death of the high street in the fashion world. Many high street shops are closing down all over the UK. The big fashion/retail giants are not left out of this, many of them have closed down a lot of their stores, and some have closed all of them, moving their business full online. The death of the high street is happening and it is quite sad to see many of my favourite shops leave. It is also horrible to know many people have lost their jobs as a result of this crisis. It makes you wonder what the high street would look like 10 years from now.


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The number of high street shops have been decreasing in the UK for many years now. Research has shown that shops in the UK have been decreasing for at least a century. Internet giants like Amazon and eBay have contributed to this decline. Many people like me rather shop online and have it delivered. Life is too busy to go into the shops to spend hours looking for what you want. It is a lot easier using the search bar on the brand’s website.

Nowadays, many people rather shop online which means business is slow in the brick and mortar section. Also, running a business online is a lot cheaper than having shops around. The online costs running a business  are between 10 per cent and 20 per cent less than running high street shops.This new way of life revolving around the big wide web has contributed massively to the death of the high street.


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Some writers argue that the online shopping trend will stop in a few years and people will go back to shopping in stores. I don’t agree with that at all. That is like saying people will go back to renting DVDs over streaming on Netflix. I think shopping online trend is here to stay especially in the fashion world. It is just too convenient for consumers and cheap for businesses to run. Which is why I don’t see it going away. What I do see is the gradual death of the high street in the fashion world. More and more shops will close for good on the high street, and focus their energy and attention on running their businesses online. The future is online and the faster we embrace it, the better the shock will be for all of us.

What do you think? Please share your views in the comments section below.

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  1. I totally agree with you. I shop as little as possible on the high street. Much prefer online for two reasons. Predominately my health means it is so much easier to shop online. The second reason (probably more than two) is the ease or it.

    I have never been what they call a female shopper who can browse for hours. I can scan a shop floor with my eyes and leave within 5 minutes. My hubby was a female shopper. I’m much more the male variety accept when it comes to Lakeland (kitchen and homeware)

    I just want to order in peace. There is a whole world out there to do this from. I also do my food shopping online. I know its affecting jobs. Though online does create work too, as an online business doesn’t run itself.

    I still think there is a place for the supermarket offline as as all of us need to pick up bits and pieces in between shops.

    My nephew, for example, has a really good job working for Amazon and goes all over the world with it troubleshooting in tech depts

    As for the high street there is a template drawn up for the future (I know this through my eldest son who works as a software developer)

    The template (we can gradually see this happening if you are aware of it) is that apartments, muses, flats and homes will take over the high street with parks and coffee shops.

    There will be nestled in the things that cant be done or visited online into the new look town/city centres.

    Hairdressers/beauty salons/spa/restaurant/ coffee bars/pubs/theatres/some food outlets etc. Will be designed in for obvious reasons.

    You can see it already happening where we live

    • I can see that happening where I live too! Wow! Not surprised though. I think the change is good and for the better.

  2. I agree that I don’t think people will stop shopping online, I think it will continue to grow. I do order things online a lot as it is often easier, although there are some things I do like visiting an actual shop for – especially clothing for the children.

  3. My husband works in retail and it is a real struggle. We are both very aware that we like to see a physical item but then look online to find it cheaper

  4. I always shop online, its just so much easier. The time has gone when I would spend a whole day shopping with a friend.

  5. I agree, online shopping has revolutionised the way we as consumers shop. I feel that the high street will slowly start to dwindle however the select few customers will still want that Experience of going to a shop feeling the fabric, trying on the clothes, interacting with the customer assistants, maybe going and having a Starbucks or coffee around the corner etc. To have that personal interaction and experience of shopping. But as you say it’s no longer becoming that profitable so that’s why businesses are shifting there businesses to more e-commerce platforms. My point is that you will still have your classic customers who want an in-store experience, but as you say things are evolving so these type of customers will become a rare commodity and an unreliable income for businesses. This could make or break the fashion industry I suppose only time will tell.

  6. I agree with you. Considering I don’t have my own money,as I am a minor, I can’t say that I shop on the high streets, but I know that every time I pass a shop or boutique that catches my eye I will most definitely go inside. I personally don’t like online shopping. It’s just not the same thing. Seeing them in person is different and it’s an experience for example if you are buying your first designer piece.

    • Seeing items in real life is definitely different. I went shopping today and I enjoyed touching the clothes before buying them. Glad you agree with the post.

  7. I love high street shopping. Mainly because you can try them on before you buy, however I do find online shopping can be cheaper and a lot easier to do. I still don’t think the high streets will fade as they are such a big part of majority of cities. Plus how many times do you order stuff online and they don’t look the same as the picture or don’t fit !? I much prefer shopping in store if I have the time too

    • I see what you mean. I think it all depends on our lifestyle and what kind of shopping we prefer. I hate trying on clothes in stores. Too much work. I usually buy and hope for the best 😊

  8. It is a shame about the high street. A lot needs to be done before the high street is back to where it was before. Everyone now are so busy or have little money to go shopping. Personally I shop more online as I have a condition called Fibromyalgia so I am unable to get out as much as I would like.

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