How Fashion Bloggers are Democratizing the Fashion World

There was a time in fashion history when what was fashionable was only known to the elite aka rich and famous. When it was released they were the only ones who could afford those new styles. So much has changed since then and thankfully more people are able to get in touch with what’s in vogue.


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Styles are no longer something beyond reach. Not only that, we can see the latest designs even before they hit the stores.

I believe democratizing fashion has helped evolve people’s orientation to what is fashionable. I also believe that it gives room for creativity. And as more pieces flood in we get exposed to the endless possibilities of ways we can mix and match those pieces to create something we call our own.

When I sit back to analyse how far fashion has come I see a pattern being revealed. I realized that we fashion bloggers play a very important role in democratizing fashion. We follow our love and passion for fashion, and have become one of the quickest means of disseminating and declaring what is termed fashionable. Just to give you a clear picture of how we are able to achieve this, here are some things that will interest you.


Fashion bloggers get you connected with what is trending

We are dedicated to informing our readers about what’s trending now in the fashion industry. By keeping our readers informed, we help them keep up with the latest styles and trends, and what’s happening in the world of fashion.


Fashion bloggers want to share what’s happening in the fashion industry

The reason why fashion was not accessible to all, was because only a certain set of people were invited to fashion shows and were aware of the upcoming designs and trends. Fashion shows were also not streamed online so there was no way for the general public to get involved.

As time passed by and things started to change, thanks to fashion bloggers and social media. Fashion bloggers not only share what’s trending on the runway, they also give tips, hacks and affordable alternatives that will help their readers mimic what’s trending in a way that is the most affordable.


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Fashion bloggers are the voice of consumers

We are so fortunate to witness an era where our opinions about fashion matter. We fashion bloggers are so much closer to consumers, we know what the people are looking for. Our influence is so strong that fashion designers and retailers tend to listen. What this means is that fashion bloggers have turned out to be the voice of the voiceless.

Fashion is no longer one way traffic. We are able to voice out what consumers are agitating for, which gives fashion designers a clear picture of what the people want.


Do you run a fashion blog? Do you enjoy reading fashion blogs? What do you think of the facts I have listed above? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Thanks for reading and have a great week.

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  1. What I think I love most from fashion bloggers is introducing designers to people who may never heard or seen them before; not necessarily because they new and upcoming but brands/designs or collections that just haven’t made it to the audience’s radar yet.

  2. I love fashion and believe fashion fits all, I think what we seem in the media is no longer the only way because bloggers are the ones we most look to because most are realistic and just like us

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  4. You are SO right, omg.
    That said, these days, I’ve been hearing stories about the big fashion bloggers basically neglecting their readers, deleting comments with questions and even comments with links to alternatives to the garments they’re promoting(like an Old Navy sweater being linked by a commenter when the blogger linked to a $500, aesthetically similar one and such).

    Us fashion bloggers have a RESPONSIBILITY to be loyal to our readers, after all, they’re the ones who got us where we are! I made a manifesto that I intend to abide by for my readers, because I don’t want to disrespect them and also myself by compromising on my values. I’ve already turned down one partnership on IG because they couldn’t tell me how their products were sustainable OR ethical. They flat out avoided the question!

    • I agree. Fashion bloggers do have a responsibility to be loyal to the readers. Many let the fame and fortune get into their heads.

  5. Its proving beneficial to get advice from a reliable, inspirational blog.
    Keep up the fabulous work – I for one am an avid reader.

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  8. Great article! I just learned you can watch fashion shows online so thanks for that and you have inspired me to write an article regarding fashion so thank you 🙂

  9. I have a blog that’s a little of this and a little of that, and I made my first fashion post today. I was a little nervous, but I think it went well. I just wanted to share with my readers my new-found appreciation for looking a little more put together. And so now, I’m a little bit of a fashion blogger!

    Here’s my post, if you’d like to take a look:

    I really appreciate your thoughts on the value of fashion bloggers. My transformed wardrobe and daily styling came straight from fashion blogs! I had no idea what to do a year ago when I realized I wanted to look more put together. Thank heaven for people like you! I think it’s great that we can all feel good about how we look, at any price point, and I want to thank you for leading the way!

  10. I completely agree! So glad I came across this, you absolutely put my thoughts into words. Remember when Vogue employees Sally Singer and Sarah Mower started attacking fashion bloggers last year? They obviously know that large corporations are facing competition from bloggers who interact directly with the consumer. Thanks for your insight!

  11. This was very thoughtful post. Fashion used to be what the elite got themselves involved in and we the ordinary lot got the trickle down effect from fashion houses like what Miranda Priestly said in the Devil Wears Prada. Now we are in control in what we consume.Thanks !

  12. Couldn’t agree more! I’ve been getting more ideas from fashion bloggers then fashion magazines! I’ve actually abandoned my Vogues and have been reading a Japanese fashion blogger magazine!

  13. I’ve just discovered your blog and love it! It’s simple but to the point, like this post. I’ve just started my own blog and hope it will grow in the years – though I don’t really care, I do it because I love writing posts and sharing pics with family (my number 1 followers!). I think you are right, though fashion bloggers tend to wear pieces that are way too expensive after some years they’re in the fashion world. I do see your point though, now we all know what’s fashionable and how to combine the items in our wardrobe in a new, different way.

  14. totally enjoyed reading your post. I love the fact that having expensive brands does not classify you as fashionable nowadays. its so great that we can shop for low prices and still look as good if not better than those who are “rich and famous”. I am very new to blogging so i have to take a peek at more of your blogs. I loveee your page so far and your pics on this post are too cute!

  15. Very interesting read. The reason I became a fashion blogger (very recently) is because I was so inspired by the fashion bloggers I was following (and they looked like they were having so much fun doing it!) that I wanted to try to do the same. Thanks for posting!

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